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mismanagement 1
missio 1
mission 53
missionaries 21
missionary 34
missions 3
mixed 1
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21 become
21 how
21 institutes
21 missionaries
21 necessary
21 second
21 today
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Africa

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, Number
1 I, 0| principal herald. The first missionaries who reached the heart of 2 II, 1| men of faith, the first missionaries, who in 1491 sailed into 3 II, 1| Nzinga-a-Nkuwu, to ask for missionaries to proclaim the Gospel. 4 II, 1| Christian faith. After the first missionaries, many others came from Portugal 5 II, 1| Homage to missionaries~35. The splendid growth 6 II, 1| dedication of generations of missionaries. This fact is acknowledged 7 II, 1| By now, you Africans are missionaries to yourselves. The Church 8 II, 1| pay profound homage to the missionaries, men and women of all the 9 II, 1| reiterated their homage to the missionaries in their Message to the 10 II, 1| served as co-workers of the missionaries, especially catechists and 11 II, 1| and have begun to supply missionaries not only for the countries 12 III, 0| Africans, you are now your own missionaries".74 Because the vast majority 13 IV, 1| local Church, assisted by missionaries and their Institutes, and 14 IV, 1| us understand that we are missionaries above all because of what 15 IV, 1| love, even before we become missionaries in word and deed".150~ 16 VII, 0| Paul VI, ?You Africans are missionaries to yourselves', is to be 17 VII, 0| is to be understood as ?missionaries to the whole world' ... 18 VII, 0| Let them send their own missionaries to proclaim the Gospel all 19 VII, 0| when they themselves needed missionaries.~ 20 VII, 0| mission ad gentes demands holy missionaries. It is not enough to update 21 VII, 0| ardour for holiness' among missionaries and throughout the Christian

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