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Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Africa

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, Number
1 II, 1| Positive values of African culture~42. Although Africa is very 2 II, 1| 43. In African culture and tradition the role of 3 II, 2| means of spreading a new culture which needs to be evangelized. 4 III, 0| amidst a people with its own culture, a people that God had chosen 5 III, 0| incarnation in a particular culture.~ 6 III, 0| Christ and his Gospel. "Every culture needs to be transformed 7 III, 0| all, they constitute a new culture that has its own language 8 III, 0| For this reason, like any culture, the mass media need to 9 III, 0| only a world but also a culture and civilization. And it 10 III, 0| this new civilization and culture for the purpose of learning 11 III, 0| of the characteristics of culture, such training is of capital 12 IV, 1| breaks from the customs and culture of whatever people in the 13 IV, 1| that "the synthesis between culture and faith is not only a 14 IV, 1| is not only a demand of culture but also of faith", because " 15 IV, 1| faith that does not become culture is not fully accepted, not 16 V, 0| positive values of a specific culture, inculturation becomes an 17 V, 0| specific manifestations of the culture of a people. It will therefore 18 VI, 1| your countries, to love the culture of your people, and to work 19 VII, 0| from their own homeland, culture and family, and a special 20 VII, 0| decisive contribution to a true culture of peace.~

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