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avow 1
awaiting 1
awaken 1
aware 16
awareness 9
away 2
baby 1
Frequency    [«  »]
17 proclaim
17 son
17 words
16 aware
16 bear
16 common
16 communities
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Ecclesia in Africa

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   Chapter,  Paragraph, Number
1 I, 0| Basilica on that day, were well aware that the joy of their Church 2 I, 0| Jesus. They were deeply aware of the presence in their 3 I, 0| 20:21,26). They were also aware of his promise to remain 4 I, 0| the Synod Fathers, fully aware that they were expressing 5 I, 0| all the Bishops. They were aware of having been consecrated 6 I, 0| than ever, the Church is aware that her social doctrine 7 II, 1| Assembly, they were well aware of the debt of gratitude 8 IV, 1| The Church in Africa is aware that it has to become for 9 V, 1| helped to become increasingly aware of their role in the Church, 10 V, 1| work they are doing and aware of the demands made by the 11 VI, 0| Churches in Africa are also aware that, insofar as their own 12 VI, 0| apostolate cannot be improvised. Aware that in many African countries 13 VI, 0| countries must become clearly aware of their duty to support 14 VI, 2| That is why "the Church is aware of her duty of fostering 15 VII, 0| Africa will become ever more aware of this interdependence 16 VII, 0| were at all times fully aware that "earthly progress must

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