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Alphabetical    [«  »]
separated 49
separateth 6
separating 8
separation 44
sephar 1
sepharad 1
sepharvaim 5
Frequency    [«  »]
44 nine
44 rent
44 report
44 separation
44 shepherd
44 sow
44 strife

Young's Bible translation

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   Book  Chapter:Verse
1 Gen 1:14| of the heavens, to make a separation between the day and the 2 Gen 1:18| over night, and to make a separation between the light and the 3 Exo 11:7 | that Jehovah doth make a separation between the Egyptians and 4 Exo 26:33| and the vail hath made a separation for you between the holy 5 lev 10:10| 10 ~so as to make a separation between the holy and the 6 lev 11:47| 47 ~to make separation between the unclean and 7 lev 12:2 | according to the days of separation for her sickness she is 8 lev 12:5 | unclean two weeks, as in her separation; and sixty and six days 9 lev 15:19| seven days she is in her separation, and any one who is coming 10 lev 15:20| on which she lieth in her separation is unclean, and anything 11 lev 15:24| really lie with her, and her separation is on him, then he hath 12 lev 15:25| days within the time of her separation, or when it floweth over 13 lev 15:25| when it floweth over her separation -- all the days of the issue 14 lev 15:25| uncleanness are as the days of her separation; she is unclean. ~ 15 lev 15:26| issue is as the bed of her separation to her, and all the vessel 16 lev 15:26| as the uncleanness of her separation; ~ 17 lev 15:33| of her who is sick in her separation, and of him who hath an 18 lev 16:22| iniquities unto a land of separation. 'And he hath sent the goat 19 lev 18:19| And unto a woman in the separation of her uncleanness thou 20 lev 20:25| 25 ~'And ye have made separation between the pure beasts 21 lev 21:12| sanctuary of his God, for the separation of the anointing oil of 22 Num 6:4 | 4 ~all days of his separation, of anything which is made 23 Num 6:5 | All days of the vow of his separation a razor doth not pass over 24 Num 6:7 | at their death, for the separation of his God is on his head; ~ 25 Num 6:8 | 8 ~all days of his separation he is holy to Jehovah. ~ 26 Num 6:9 | defiled the head of his separation, then he hath shaved his 27 Num 6:12| Jehovah the days of his separation, and he hath brought in 28 Num 6:12| days are fallen, for his separation hath been defiled. ~ 29 Num 6:13| fulness of the days of his separation doth one bring him in unto 30 Num 6:18| meeting) the head of his separation, and hath taken the hair 31 Num 6:18| hair of the head of his separation, and hath put it on the 32 Num 6:19| Nazarite after his shaving his separation; ~ 33 Num 6:21| offering to Jehovah for his separation, apart from that which his 34 Num 6:21| he doth by the law of his separation.' ~ 35 Num 19:9 | Israel a charge for waters of separation -- it is a cleansing; ~ 36 Num 19:13| from Israel, for water of separation is not sprinkled upon him; 37 Num 19:20| he hath defiled; water of separation is not sprinkled upon him; 38 Num 19:21| sprinkling the water of separation doth wash his garments, 39 Num 19:21| coming against the water of separation is unclean till the evening, ~ 40 Num 31:23| only, with the water of separation it is cleansed, and all 41 Sol 2:17| harts, On the mountains of separation! ~ 42 Eze 22:26| common they have not made separation, And between the unclean 43 Heb 12:10| to be partakers of His separation; ~ 44 Heb 12:14| pursue with all, and the separation, apart from which no one

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