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Alphabetical    [«  »]
ridden 3
riddle 10
riddles 1
ride 26
rider 19
riders 6
rideth 7
Frequency    [«  »]
26 recompense
26 reform
26 rephaim
26 ride
26 rivers
26 seeketh
26 ship

Young's Bible translation

IntraText - Concordances


   Book  Chapter:Verse
1 Gen 24:61| her young women arise, and ride on the camels, and go after 2 Gen 41:43| 43 ~and causeth him to ride in the second chariot which 3 Exo 4:20| sons, and causeth them to ride on the ass, and turneth 4 Deu 32:13| 13 ~He maketh him ride on high places of earth, 5 2Sa 6:3 | cause the ark of God to ride on a new cart, and lift 6 2Sa 13:29| sons of the king, and they ride, each on his mule, and flee. ~ 7 2Sa 16:2 | household of the king to ride on, and the bread and the 8 2Sa 19:26| saddle for me the ass, and ride on it, and go with the king, 9 1Ki 1:33| caused Solomon my son to ride on mine own mule, and caused 10 1Ki 1:38| and they cause Solomon to ride on the mule of king David, 11 1Ki 1:44| Pelethite, and they cause him to ride on the king's mule, ~ 12 2Ki 10:16| and they cause him to ride in his chariot. ~ 13 2Ki 23:30| his servants cause him to ride dying from Megiddo, and 14 2Ch 35:24| chariot, and cause him to ride on the second chariot that 15 Est 6:9 | delighted, and caused him to ride on the horse in a broad 16 Est 6:11| Mordecai, and causeth him to ride in a broad place of the 17 Job 30:22| wind Thou dost cause me to ride, And Thou meltest -- Thou 18 Psa 45:4 | Thy majesty -- prosper! -- ride! Because of truth, and meekness -- 19 Psa 66:12| Thou hast caused man to ride at our head. We have entered 20 Isa 30:16| flee, And on the swift we ride! Therefore swift are your 21 Isa 58:14| And I have caused thee to ride on high places of earth, 22 Jer 6:23| sound, And on horses they ride, set in array as a man of 23 Jer 50:42| soundeth, and on horses they ride, Set in array as a man for 24 Hos 10:11| its neck, I cause one to ride Ephraim, Plough doth Judah, 25 Hos 14:3 | not save us, on a horse we ride not, Nor do we say any more, 26 Hab 3:8 | Thy wrath? For Thou dost ride on Thy horses -- Thy chariots

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