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Alphabetical    [«  »]
demetrius 3
demmeseh 1
demmesek 1
demon 18
demon-like 1
demoniac 7
demoniacs 5
Frequency    [«  »]
18 commencement
18 counsellor
18 counsels
18 demon
18 desolated
18 digged
18 diligent

Young's Bible translation

IntraText - Concordances


   Book  Chapter:Verse
1 Matt 9:33| 33 ~and the demon having been cast out, the 2 Matt 11:18| and they say, He hath a demon; ~ 3 Matt 17:18| Jesus rebuked him, and the demon went out of him, and the 4 Mark 7:26| was asking him, that the demon he may cast forth out of 5 Mark 7:29| Because of this word go; the demon hath gone forth out of thy 6 Mark 7:30| her house, she found the demon gone forth, and the daughter 7 Luke 4:33| having a spirit of an unclean demon, and he cried out with a 8 Luke 4:35| forth out of him;' and the demon having cast him into the 9 Luke 7:33| wine, and ye say, He hath a demon; ~ 10 Luke 9:42| is yet coming near, the demon rent him, and tore him sore, 11 Luke 11:14| And he was casting forth a demon, and it was dumb, and it 12 Luke 11:14| and it came to pass, the demon having gone forth, the dumb 13 John 7:20| answered and said, 'Thou hast a demon, who doth seek to kill thee?' ~ 14 John 8:48| a Samaritan, and hast a demon?' ~ 15 John 8:49| answered, 'I have not a demon, but I honour my Father, 16 John 8:52| have known that thou hast a demon; Abraham did die, and the 17 John 10:20| of them said, 'He hath a demon, and is mad, why do ye hear 18 John 10:21| those of a demoniac; is a demon able blind men's eyes to

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