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rock 136
rocks 18
rocky 4
rod 92
rod-bearers 2
rods 14
roe 13
Frequency    [«  »]
92 cease
92 generations
92 remembered
92 rod
92 song
92 towards
92 write

Young's Bible translation

IntraText - Concordances


   Book  Chapter:Verse
1 Gen 30:37| Jacob taketh to himself a rod of fresh poplar, and of 2 Exo 4:2 | hand?' and he saith, 'A rod;' ~ 3 Exo 4:4 | on it, and it becometh a rod in his hand -- ~ 4 Exo 4:17| 17 ~and this rod thou dost take in thy hand, 5 Exo 4:20| Egypt, and Moses taketh the rod of God in his hand. ~ 6 Exo 7:9 | said unto Aaron, Take thy rod, and cast before Pharaoh -- 7 Exo 7:10| commanded; and Aaron casteth his rod before Pharaoh, and before 8 Exo 7:12| they cast down each his rod, and they become monsters, 9 Exo 7:12| become monsters, and the rod of Aaron swalloweth their 10 Exo 7:15| edge of the River, and the rod which was turned to a serpent 11 Exo 7:17| lo, I am smiting with the rod which is in my hand, on 12 Exo 7:19| Say unto Aaron, Take thy rod, and stretch out thy hand 13 Exo 7:20| lifteth up his hand with the rod, and smiteth the waters 14 Exo 8:5 | Stretch out thy hand, with thy rod, against the streams, against 15 Exo 8:16| unto Aaron, Stretch out thy rod, and smite the dust of the 16 Exo 8:17| stretcheth out his hand with his rod, and smiteth the dust of 17 Exo 9:23| Moses stretcheth out his rod towards the heavens, and 18 Exo 10:13| Moses stretcheth out his rod against the land of Egypt, 19 Exo 14:16| 16 ~and thou, lift up thy rod, and stretch out thy hand 20 Exo 17:5 | elders of Israel, and thy rod with which thou hast smitten 21 Exo 17:9 | top of the hill, and the rod of God in my hand.' ~ 22 Exo 21:20| or his handmaid, with a rod, and he hath died under 23 lev 27:32| that passeth by under the rod -- the tenth is holy to 24 Num 17:2 | and take from them each a rod, for a father's house, from 25 Num 17:2 | each thou dost write on his rod, ~ 26 Num 17:3 | the tribe of Levi; for one rod is for the head of their 27 Num 17:5 | come to pass, the man's rod on whom I fix doth flourish, 28 Num 17:6 | princes give unto him one rod for a prince, one rod for 29 Num 17:6 | one rod for a prince, one rod for a prince, for their 30 Num 17:6 | house, twelve rods, and the rod of Aaron is in the midst 31 Num 17:8 | the testimony, and lo, the rod of Aaron hath flourished 32 Num 17:9 | look, and take each his rod. ~ 33 Num 17:10| unto Moses, 'Put back the rod of Aaron, before the testimony, 34 Num 20:8 | 8 ~'Take the rod, and assemble the company, 35 Num 20:9 | 9 ~And Moses taketh the rod from before Jehovah, as 36 Num 20:11| smiteth the rock with his rod twice; and much water cometh 37 1Sa 14:27| putteth forth the end of the rod, which is in his hand, and 38 1Sa 14:43| tasted with the end of the rod that is in my hand a little 39 2Sa 7:14| have even reproved with a rod of men, and with strokes 40 2Sa 23:21| goeth down unto him with a rod, and taketh violently away 41 1Ch 11:23| goeth down unto him with a rod, and taketh violently away 42 Ezr 9:13| God, hast kept back of the rod from our iniquities, and 43 Job 9:34| turn aside from off me his rod, And His terror doth not 44 Job 21:9 | peace without fear, Nor is a rod of God upon them. ~ 45 Job 37:13| 13 ~Whether for a rod, or for His land, Or for 46 Psa 23:4 | for Thou art with me, Thy rod and Thy staff -- they comfort 47 Psa 74:2 | old, Thou didst redeem the rod of Thy inheritance, This 48 Psa 89:32| have looked after with a rod their transgression, And 49 Psa 110:2 | 2 ~The rod of thy strength doth Jehovah 50 Psa 125:3 | 3 ~For the rod of wickedness resteth not 51 Pro 10:13| intelligent is wisdom found, And a rod is for the back of him who 52 Pro 13:24| 24 ~Whoso is sparing his rod is hating his son, And whoso 53 Pro 14:3 | the mouth of a fool is a rod of pride, And the lips of 54 Pro 22:8 | reapeth sorrow, And the rod of his anger weareth out. ~ 55 Pro 22:15| the heart of a youth, The rod of chastisement putteth 56 Pro 23:13| thou smitest him with a rod he dieth not. ~ 57 Pro 23:14| 14 ~Thou with a rod smitest him, And his soul 58 Pro 26:3 | bridle for an ass, And a rod for the back of fools. ~ 59 Pro 29:15| 15 ~A rod and reproof give wisdom, 60 Isa 9:4 | staff of its shoulder, the rod of its exactor, Thou hast 61 Isa 10:5 | 5 ~Wo to Asshur, a rod of Mine anger, And a staff 62 Isa 10:15| who is shaking it? As a rod waving those lifting it 63 Isa 10:24| because of Asshur, With a rod he doth smite thee, And 64 Isa 10:26| at the rock Oreb, And his rod is over the sea, And he 65 Isa 11:1 | 1 ~And a rod hath come out from the stock 66 Isa 11:4 | hath smitten earth with the rod of his mouth, And with the 67 Isa 14:29| That broken hath been the rod of thy smiter, For from 68 Isa 28:27| fitches, And cummin with a rod. ~ 69 Isa 30:31| broken down is Asshur, With a rod He smiteth. ~ 70 Jer 1:11| Jeremiah?' And I say, 'A rod of an almond tree I am seeing.' ~ 71 Jer 10:16| is He, And Israel is the rod of His inheritance, Jehovah 72 Jer 48:17| the staff of strength, The rod of beauty. ~ 73 Jer 51:19| things, And Israel is the rod of His inheritance, Jehovah 74 Lam 3:1 | hath seen affliction By the rod of His wrath. ~ 75 Eze 7:10| morning, Blossomed hath the rod, flourished the pride. ~ 76 Eze 7:11| violence hath risen to a rod of wickedness, There is 77 Eze 19:12| and withered hath been the rod of its strength, Fire hath 78 Eze 19:14| go forth doth fire from a rod of its boughs, Its fruit 79 Eze 19:14| devoured, And it hath no rod of strength -- a sceptre 80 Eze 20:37| caused you to pass under the rod, And brought you into the 81 Hos 4:12| its staff asketh and its rod declareth to it, For a spirit 82 Mic 5:1 | laid against us, With a rod they smite on the cheek 83 Mic 6:9 | fear Thy name, Hear ye the rod, and Him who appointed it. ~ 84 Mic 7:14| Thou Thy people with Thy rod, The flock of Thine inheritance, 85 Nah 1:13| 13 ~And now I break his rod from off thee, And thy bands 86 Zec 10:11| excellency of Asshur, And the rod of Egypt doth turn aside. ~ 87 1Co 4:21| what do ye wish? with a rod shall I come unto you, or 88 Heb 9:4 | having the manna, and the rod of Aaron that budded, and 89 Rev 2:27| he shall rule them with a rod of iron -- as the vessels 90 Rev 11:1 | given to me a reed like to a rod, and the messenger stood, 91 Rev 12:5 | rule all the nations with a rod of iron, and caught away 92 Rev 19:15| he shall rule them with a rod of iron, and he doth tread

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