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Alphabetical    [«  »]
horonite 3
horrible 9
horror 2
horse 56
horse-gate 2
horse-heels 1
horseman 3
Frequency    [«  »]
56 esther
56 harvest
56 hither
56 horse
56 knew
56 pity
56 revealed

Young's Bible translation

IntraText - Concordances


   Book  Chapter:Verse
1 Gen 49:17| path, Which is biting the horse's heels, And its rider falleth 2 Exo 15:1 | triumphing He hath triumphed; The horse and its rider He hath thrown 3 Exo 15:19| 19 ~For the horse of Pharaoh hath gone in 4 Exo 15:21| Triumphing He hath triumphed; The horse and its rider He hath thrown 5 Deu 20:1 | thine enemy, and hast seen horse and chariot -- a people 6 Jos 11:4 | sea-shore for multitude, and horse and charioteer very many; ~ 7 1Ki 10:29| hundred silverlings, and a horse for fifty and a hundred, 8 1Ki 18:5 | find hay, and keep alive horse and mule, and do not cut 9 1Ki 20:1 | kings are with him, and horse and chariot, and he goeth 10 1Ki 20:20| king of Aram escapeth on a horse, and the horsemen; ~ 11 1Ki 20:25| is fallen from thee, and horse for horse, and chariot for 12 1Ki 20:25| from thee, and horse for horse, and chariot for chariot, 13 2Ki 6:15| surrounding the city, and horse and chariot, and his young 14 2Ki 7:6 | of chariot and a noise of horse -- a noise of great force, 15 2Ki 7:10| sound of man, but the bound horse, and the bound ass, and 16 2Ki 9:18| 18 ~and the rider on the horse goeth to meet him, and saith, ' 17 2Ki 9:19| sendeth a second rider on a horse, and he cometh in unto them, 18 2Ch 1:17| hundred silverlings, and a horse for fifty and a hundred, 19 Est 6:8 | hath put on himself, and a horse on which the king hath ridden, 20 Est 6:9 | give the clothing and the horse into the hand of a man of 21 Est 6:9 | caused him to ride on the horse in a broad place of the 22 Est 6:10| take the clothing and the horse, as thou hast spoken, and 23 Est 6:11| taketh the clothing, and the horse, and clothed Mordecai, and 24 Job 39:18| up, She laugheth at the horse and at his rider. ~ 25 Job 39:19| 19 ~Dost thou give to the horse might? Dost thou clothe 26 Psa 32:9 | 9 ~Be ye not as a horse -- as a mule, Without understanding, 27 Psa 33:17| 17 ~A false thing is the horse for safety, And by the abundance 28 Psa 76:6 | of Jacob, Both rider and horse have been fast asleep. ~ 29 Psa 147:10| Not in the might of the horse doth He delight, Not in 30 Pro 21:31| 31 ~A horse is prepared for a day of 31 Pro 26:3 | 3 ~A whip is for a horse, a bridle for an ass, And 32 Isa 30:16| And ye say, No, for on a horse we flee? Therefore ye flee, 33 Isa 43:17| bringing forth chariot and horse, A force, even a strong 34 Isa 63:13| through the depths, As a horse in a plain they stumble 35 Jer 8:6 | turned to his courses, As a horse is rushing into battle. ~ 36 Jer 51:21| broken in pieces by thee horse and its rider, And I have 37 Jer 51:27| an infant head, Cause the horse to ascend as the rough cankerworm. ~ 38 Eze 26:7 | a king of kings, With horse, and with chariot, and with 39 Eze 39:20| satisfied at My table with horse and rider, Mighty man, and 40 Hos 14:3 | Asshur doth not save us, on a horse we ride not, Nor do we say 41 Amo 2:15| himself, And the rider of the horse delivereth not his soul. ~ 42 Nah 3:2 | wheel, And of a prancing horse, and of a bounding chariot, 43 Zec 1:8 | lo, one riding on a red horse, and he is standing between 44 Zec 9:10| chariot from Ephraim, And the horse from Jerusalem, Yea, cut 45 Zec 10:3 | set them as His beauteous horse in battle. ~ 46 Zec 12:4 | Jehovah, I do smite every horse with astonishment, And its 47 Zec 12:4 | open My eyes, And every horse of the peoples I smite with 48 Zec 14:15| so is the plague of the horse, of the mule, Of the camel, 49 Zec 14:20| there is on bells of the horse, 'Holy to Jehovah,' And 50 Rev 6:2 | and I saw, and lo, a white horse, and he who is sitting upon 51 Rev 6:4 | there went forth another horse -- red, and to him who is 52 Rev 6:5 | and I saw, and lo, a black horse, and he who is sitting upon 53 Rev 6:8 | and I saw, and lo, a pale horse, and he who is sitting upon 54 Rev 19:11| opened, and lo, a white horse, and he who is sitting upon 55 Rev 19:19| who is sitting upon the horse, and with his army; ~ 56 Rev 19:21| him who is sitting on the horse, which sword is proceeding

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