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handler 1
handles 7
handling 8
handmaid 55
handmaidens 1
handmaids 9
hands 396
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55 commit
55 doings
55 fields
55 handmaid
55 hills
55 instruction
55 josiah

Young's Bible translation

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   Book  Chapter:Verse
1 Gen 16:1 | to him, and she hath an handmaid, an Egyptian, and her name 2 Gen 16:2 | in, I pray thee, unto my handmaid; perhaps I am built up from 3 Gen 16:3 | Hagar the Egyptian, her handmaid, at the end of the tenth 4 Gen 16:5 | I -- I have given mine handmaid into thy bosom, and she 5 Gen 16:6 | saith unto Sarai, 'Lo, thine handmaid is in thine hand, do to 6 Gen 16:8 | he saith, 'Hagar, Sarai's handmaid, whence hast thou come, 7 Gen 21:10| Abraham, 'Cast out this handmaid and her son; for the son 8 Gen 21:10| son; for the son of this handmaid hath no possession with 9 Gen 21:12| youth, and because of thy handmaid: all that Sarah saith unto 10 Gen 21:13| 13 ~As to the son of the handmaid also, for a nation I set 11 Gen 25:12| Hagar the Egyptian, Sarah's handmaid, hath borne to Abraham; ~ 12 Gen 30:3 | And she saith, 'Lo, my handmaid Bilhah, go in unto her, 13 Exo 2:5 | the weeds, and sendeth her handmaid, and she taketh it, ~ 14 Exo 20:10| thy man-servant, and thy handmaid, and thy cattle, and thy 15 Exo 20:17| his man-servant, or his handmaid, or his ox, or his ass, 16 Exo 21:7 | selleth his daughter for a handmaid, she doth not go out according 17 Exo 21:20| smiteth his man-servant or his handmaid, with a rod, and he hath 18 Exo 21:26| man-servant, or the eye of his handmaid, and hath destroyed it, 19 Exo 21:27| man-servant or a tooth of his handmaid he knock out, as a freeman 20 Exo 21:32| gore a man-servant or a handmaid, thirty silver shekels he 21 Exo 23:12| rest, and the son of thine handmaid and the sojourner is refreshed; ~ 22 lev 25:6 | man-servant, and to thy handmaid, and to thy hireling, and 23 lev 25:44| thy man-servant and thy handmaid whom thou hast are of the 24 lev 25:44| them ye buy man-servant and handmaid, ~ 25 Deu 5:14| thy man-servant, and thy handmaid, and thine ox, and thine 26 Deu 5:14| thy man-servant, and thy handmaid doth rest like thyself; ~ 27 Deu 5:21| his man-servant, and his handmaid, his ox, and his ass, and 28 Deu 12:18| thy man-servant, and thy handmaid, and the Levite who is within 29 Deu 15:17| age-during; and also to thy handmaid thou dost do so. ~ 30 Deu 16:11| thy man-servant, and thy handmaid, and the Levite who is within 31 Deu 16:14| thy man-servant, and thy handmaid, and the Levite, and the 32 Jdg 9:18| cause Abimelech son of his handmaid to reign over the masters 33 Jdg 19:19| are for me, and for thy handmaid, and for the young man with 34 Rut 3:9 | she saith, 'I am Ruth thy handmaid, and thou hast spread thy 35 Rut 3:9 | spread thy skirt over thy handmaid, for thou art a redeemer.' ~ 36 1Sa 1:11| on the affliction of Thy handmaid, and hast remembered me, 37 1Sa 1:11| and dost not forget Thy handmaid, and hast given to Thy handmaid 38 1Sa 1:11| handmaid, and hast given to Thy handmaid seed of men -- then I have 39 1Sa 1:16| 16 ~put not thy handmaid before a daughter of worthlessness, 40 1Sa 1:18| And she saith, 'Let thy handmaid find grace in thine eyes;' 41 1Sa 25:24| and let, I pray thee, thy handmaid speak in thine ear, and 42 1Sa 25:24| and hear the words of thy handmaid. ~ 43 1Sa 25:25| is with him; and I, thine handmaid, did not see the young men 44 1Sa 25:28| the transgression of thy handmaid, for Jehovah doth certainly 45 1Sa 25:31| thou hast remembered thy handmaid.' ~ 46 1Sa 25:41| earth -- and saith, 'Lo, thy handmaid is for a maid-servant to 47 2Sa 14:15| doth do the word of his handmaid, ~ 48 2Sa 14:16| doth hearken to deliver his handmaid out of the paw of the man 49 2Sa 20:17| Hear the words of thy handmaid;' and he saith, 'I am hearing.' ~ 50 1Ki 1:13| lord, O king, sworn to thy handmaid, saying, Surely Solomon 51 1Ki 1:17| by Jehovah thy God to thy handmaid: Surely Solomon thy son 52 1Ki 3:20| from beside me -- and thy handmaid is asleep -- and layeth 53 Job 31:13| my man-servant, And of my handmaid, In their contending with 54 Psa 86:16| salvation to a son of Thine handmaid. ~ 55 Psa 116:16| Thy servant, son of Thy handmaid, Thou hast opened my bonds. ~

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