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solicitude 1
some 2
sometimes 1
son 36
sons 3
soon 1
sought 4
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39 at
38 church
37 mystery
36 son
35 2
35 holy
34 human
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Redemptoris Custos

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   Chapter,  Paragraph
1 I,2 | Marriage to Mary ~2. "Joseph, Son of David, do not fear to 2 I,2 | Spirit; she will bear a son, and you shall call his 3 I,2 | in your womb and bear a son, and you shall call his 4 I,2 | and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the 5 I,2 | will be called holy, the Son of God" (Lk 1:35). Although 6 I,3 | dream, saying, 'Joseph, son of David, do not fear to 7 I,3 | Spirit; she will bear a son, and you shall call his 8 I,3 | Holy Spirit. And when the Son in Mary's womb comes into 9 I,3 | case, however, it is the Son who, in accordance with 10 I,3 | must give this name to the Son to be born of the Virgin 11 I,3 | father with regard to Mary's Son.~"When Joseph woke from 12 I,3 | took her together with the Son who had come into the world 13 II,4 | preserved her union with her Son even to the cross,"(5) " 14 II,5 | when "God sent forth his Son, born of redeem 15 II,7 | his seed. She will bear a son, the angel says, and you 16 II,7 | Christ's father."(12)~The Son of Mary is also Joseph's 17 II,7 | of Mary is also Joseph's Son by virtue of the marriage 18 II,7 | in that family that the Son of God spent long years 19 II,8 | watch over his only begotten Son."(24) Leo XIII emphasized 20 II,8 | opinion, father of God's Son. Whence it followed that 21 II,8 | responsibility to look after the Son of God's "ordained" entry 22 II,9 | inserting the name "Jesus, son of Joseph of Nazareth" ( 23 II,10 | witness to the birth of the Son of God into the world on 24 II,10 | birth to her first-born son and wrapped him in swaddling 25 II,11 | The Circumcision ~11. A son's circumcision was the first 26 II,14 | of Egypt have I called my son' " (Mt 2:14-15; cf. Hos 27 II,15 | Lk 2:47). Mary asked: "Son, why have you treated us 28 II,15 | and thought: Jesus was the son (as was supposed) or Joseph" ( 29 III,18| becoming the Mother of God's Son. Becoming a Mother by the 30 III,18| is a virgin. In her, "the Son of the Most High" assumed 31 III,18| human body and became "the Son of Man."~Addressing Joseph 32 III,19| not, until she had borne a son" (Mt 1:24-25). These words 33 III,21| form of the family of the Son of God, a true human family, 34 IV,22 | known as "the carpenter's son." If the Family of Nazareth 35 IV,22 | with the humanity of the Son of God, work too has been 36 VI,32 | blessing of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.~Given at

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