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falsehood 1
familiaris 3
families 5
family 32
family-as 1
family-that 1
father 29
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35 holy
34 human
33 who
32 family
31 christ
31 life
31 on
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Redemptoris Custos

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   Chapter,  Paragraph
1 II,7 | Mary, that is, through the family. ~While clearly affirming 2 II,7 | life."(17) ~How much the family of today can learn from 3 II,7 | essence and role of the family are in the final analysis 4 II,7 | specified by love. Hence the family has the mission to guard, 5 II,7(17)| 431. Similar praise of the Family of Nazareth as a perfect 6 II,7 | case, it is in the Holy Family, the original "Church in 7 II,7 | that every Christian family must be reflected. "Through 8 II,7 | mysterious design, it was in that family that the Son of God spent 9 II,8 | which was his over the Holy Family in order to make a total 10 II,8 | placed him at the head of his family, as a faithful and prudent 11 II,8 | Father "from whom every family in heaven and on earth is 12 II,8 | are an everyday part of family life, in keeping with that " 13 II,15 | surroundings of the Holy Family of Nazareth-one of many 14 II,16 | took place within the Holy Family under the eyes of Joseph, 15 II,16 | sanctify the obligations of the family and of work, which he performed 16 III,21 | was the core of the Holy Family's life, first in the poverty 17 III,21 | Church deeply venerates this Family, and proposes it as the 18 III,21 | of the Incarnation, the Family of Nazareth has its own 19 III,21 | fatherhood: the human form of the family of the Son of God, a true 20 III,21 | Son of God, a true human family, formed by the divine mystery. 21 III,21 | divine mystery. In this family, Joseph is the father: his 22 III,21 | mission of a father in the family. This is a consequence of 23 III,21 | present in the mystery of the Family of Nazareth. From the beginning, 24 IV,22 | love in the life of the Family of Nazareth. The Gospel 25 IV,22 | in order to support his family: he was a carpenter. This 26 IV,22 | carpenter's son." If the Family of Nazareth is an example 27 V,26 | responsibility and the burden of a family, but, through an incomparable 28 V,26 | foundation and nourishment of the family.(37)~This submission to 29 VI,28 | and defender of the Holy Family.... It is thus fitting and 30 VI,28 | unceasing holy watch over the family of Nazareth, so now does 31 VI,31 | provident guardian of the divine Family," "the beloved inheritance 32 VI,31 | which threaten the human family. ~Even today we have many

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