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life 31
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33 who
32 family
31 christ
31 life
31 on
30 will
29 also
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Redemptoris Custos

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   Chapter,  Paragraph
1 I,2 | refer to that moment in his life to which the Fathers of 2 II,7 | sanctuary of love and cradle of life."(17) ~How much the family 3 II,7(17)| perfect example of domestic life can be found, for example, 4 II,7 | spent long years of a hidden life. It is therefore the prototype 5 II,8 | in his having made his life a service, a sacrifice to 6 II,8 | total gift of self, of his life and work; in having turned 7 II,8 | everyday part of family life, in keeping with that "condescension" 8 II,8 | carefully show how in the life of Jesus nothing was left 9 II,8 | so-called "private" or "hidden" life of Jesus is entrusted to 10 II,15 | long period of the "hidden" life, during which Jesus prepared 11 II,16 | as the bread of eternal life."(30)~For his part, Jesus " 12 III,17 | pilgrimage of faith which was his life, Joseph, like Mary, remained 13 III,17 | until the end. While Mary's life was the bringing to fullness 14 III,19 | the Spirit, the Giver of Life (cf. Jn 6:63). Joseph, in 15 III,20 | only as a companion for life, a witness of her virginity 16 III,21 | core of the Holy Family's life, first in the poverty of 17 IV,22 | expression of love in the life of the Family of Nazareth. 18 IV,22 | sums up Joseph's entire life. For Jesus, these were hidden 19 IV,23 | importance of work in human life demands that its meaning 20 IV,24 | sanctification of daily life, a sanctification which 21 V | PRIMACY OF THE INTERIOR LIFE ~ 22 V,26 | of his profound interior life. It was from this interior 23 V,26 | It was from this interior life that "very singular commands 24 V,27 | 27. The communion of life between Joseph and Jesus 25 V,27 | into Egypt and his hidden life in Nazareth. It recognized 26 V,27 | example of the interior life.~Furthermore, in Joseph, 27 V,27 | active and the contemplative life finds an ideal harmony that 28 VI,29 | religion and the Christian life were formerly flourishing 29 VI,30 | all individual states of life and serves as a model for 30 VI,30 | reinvigorate her ancient life with true evangelical virtues, 31 VI,32 | called to the contemplative life and those called to the

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