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34 human
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32 family
31 christ
31 life
31 on
30 will
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Redemptoris Custos

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   Chapter,  Paragraph
1 Intro,1| dedicated himself to Jesus Christ's upbringing,(1) he likewise 2 Intro,1| watches over and protects Christ's Mystical Body, that is, 3 Intro,1| be his sons through Jesus Christ" (Eph 1:5). ~ 4 I,2 | Now the birth of Jesus Christ took place in this way. 5 II,4 | all those who follow Christ by faith.~Now at the beginning 6 II,5 | access to the Father, through Christ, the Word made flesh, in 7 II,5 | God's self-revelation in Christ and he does so from the 8 II,6 | and before the time after Christ returned to the Father, 9 II,7 | as close as possible to Christ, to whom every election 10 II,7 | that she has not conceived Christ as a result of conjugal 11 II,7 | Joseph, still calls him Christ's father."(12)~The Son of 12 II,7 | them deserve to be called Christ's parents, not only his 13 II,7 | marriage were lacking: "In Christ's parents all the goods 14 II,7 | renewal of all things in Christ, marriage-it too purified 15 II,7 | humanity and the love of Christ the Lord for the Church 16 II,8 | plan which is fulfilled in Christ.~With the Incarnation, the " 17 II,9 | themselves to be counted, Christ too should be counted. By 18 II,10 | cf. Phil 2:5-8) which Christ freely accepted for the 19 III,21 | Person of the Word-Son, Jesus Christ. Together with human nature, 20 III,21 | world-is also taken up in Christ. Within this context, Joseph' 21 III,21 | taken up" in the mystery of Christ's Incarnation. ~On the basis 22 IV,23 | deepen...friendship with Christ in their lives, by accepting, 23 IV,24 | and genuine follower of Christ, there is no need of great 24 V,27 | virtue of his divinity, Christ's human actions were salvific 25 V,27 | of love: the divinity of Christ. If through Christ's humanity 26 V,27 | divinity of Christ. If through Christ's humanity this love shone 27 VI,28 | patronage the Church of Christ."(44)~ 28 VI,29 | the first proclamation of Christ, or to bring it anew wherever 29 VI,31 | inheritance which Jesus Christ purchased by his blood." 30 VI,32 | teacher in the service of Christ's saving mission, a mission 31 VI,32 | Eternal Covenant in Jesus Christ. May he show us the paths

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