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60 into
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56 community
56 formation
56 forms
56 other
56 time
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Christifideles Laici

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1 2,29| renewal of society.~The actual formation of groups of the lay faithful 2 2,29| demands. In fact, their formation itself expresses the social 3 2,30| humanity and the Christian formation of people's conscience, 4 3,34| cultures. Its purpose is the formation of mature ecclesial communities, 5 3,34| their part to fulfill in the formation of these ecclesial communities, 6 3,35| of Churches(128) is the formation not only of local clergy 7 3,44| worldwide influence on the formation of mentality and customs. 8 5 | YOU BEAR MUCH FRUIT~The Formation of the Lay Faithful in the 9 5,57| of a total and ongoing formation of the lay faithful, as 10 5,57| having described Christian formation as "a continual process 11 5,57| clearly affirmed that the formation of the lay faithful must 12 5,58| fundamental objective of the formation of the lay faithful is an 13 5,58| point of the whole work of formation, whose purpose is the joyous 14 5,59| A Total Integrated Formation for Living an Integrated 15 5,60| Various Aspects of Formation~60. The many interrelated 16 5,60| of a totally integrated formation of the lay faithful are 17 5,60| no doubt that spiritual formation ought to occupy a privileged 18 5,60| urgency for a doctrinal formation of the lay faithful, not 19 5,60| must be offered a proper formation of a social conscience, 20 5,60| of a totally integrated formation, bearing a particular significance 21 5,61| What are the means of their formation? Who are the persons and 22 5,61| of a totally integrated formation of the lay faithful?~Just 23 5,61| motherhood, so Christian formation finds its origin and its 24 5,61| part in the divine work of formation, both through a sharing 25 5,61| the "primary" role in the formation of the lay faithful. As 26 5,61| more personal and immediate formation of the lay faithful. In 27 5,61| be a notable help in the formation of Christians, by providing 28 5,61| at Baptism(218).~In the formation that the lay faithful receive 29 5,61| the lay faithful in their formation. In this regard the Synod 30 5,62| Other Places for Formation~62 . The Christian family, 31 5,62| and fundamental school for formation in the faith: father and 32 5,62| also important places for formation. In the present social and 33 5,62| constitute and develop this "formation community" which is together 34 5,62| its natural function in formation, the lay faithful ought 35 5,62| schools and institutes of formation. In addition they have emphasized 36 5,62| have their place in the formation of the lay faithful. In 37 5,62| own method, of oflfering a formation through a deeply shared 38 5,62| concrete and specific the formation that their members receive 39 5,63| The Reciprocal Formation Received and Given by All ~ 40 5,63| Received and Given by All ~63. Formation is not the privilege of 41 5,63| said: "Possibilities of formation should be proposed to all, 42 5,63| can also be a source of formation for all"; and they added: " 43 5,63| vocation should be applied to formation"(223).~For the purpose of 44 5,63| effective pastoral activity the formation of those who will form others 45 5,63| the responsibility for the formation of the lay faithful, constitutes 46 5,63| the general and widespread formation of all the lay faithful.~ 47 5,63| local culture in the work of formation: "The formation of Christians 48 5,63| work of formation: "The formation of Christians will take 49 5,63| culture, which contributes to formation itself, and will help to 50 5,63| exists"(224).~In the work of formation some convictions reveal 51 5,63| offer a true and effective formation to others if the individual 52 5,63| personal responsibility for formation: this, in fact, is essentially 53 5,63| fact, is essentially a "formation of self".~In addition, there 54 5,63| the goal and principle of formation: the more we are formed 55 5,63| to pursue and deepen our formation, still more will we be formed 56 5,63| to know that the work of formation, while having intelligent

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