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communities 22
community 56
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60 called
60 into
59 even
56 community
56 formation
56 forms
56 other
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Christifideles Laici

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1 1,9 | Church, that is to say, the community of the faithful on earth 2 1,15| the world and the human community, but also and above all, 3 1,16| prayer, in family or in community, in the hunger and thirst 4 2,20| remain in isolation from the community, but must live in a continual 5 2,24| usefulness for the ecclesial community, ordered as they are to 6 2,24| for the whole Christian community. Nevertheless, at the same 7 2,24| the faithful and of the community"(81).~For this reason no 8 2,26| Parish~26. The ecclesial community, while always having a universal 9 2,26| welcoming home"(92), the "community of the faithful"(93). Plainly 10 2,26| because it is a Eucharistic community(94). This means that the 11 2,26| means that the parish is a community properly suited for celebrating 12 2,26| fact that the parish is a community of faith and an organic 13 2,26| of faith and an organic community, that is, constituted by 14 2,26| importance: to create the basic community of the Christian people; 15 2,27| of the apostolate on the community level, inasmuch as it brings 16 2,27| bringing to the Church community their own and the world' 17 2,27| place" in the world for the community of believers to gather together 18 2,28| growth of the ecclesial community while, at the same time, 19 2,29| nourishes in the ecclesial community, and so great is the capacity 20 2,29| member of a group, of a community, of an association, or of 21 2,29| context of the Christian community. As mentioned, this reason 22 2,31| of the entire Christian community, pastoral activities and 23 3,33| liturgical life of their community, they are eager to do their 24 3,33| apostolic works of that community. They lead to the Church 25 3,33| Church is built up into a community of faith: more precisely, 26 3,33| more precisely, into a community that confesses the faith 27 3,34| fostering a viable and working community of faith, are now put to 28 3,34| fabric of the ecclesial community itself present in these 29 3,34| participation in the life of the community, in other words, through 30 3,35| increasingly smaller, the Church community ought to strengthen the 31 3,35| faithful: in this way the community which itself has been evangelized 32 3,36| evangelizing and evangelized" community, and for this very reason 33 3,36| individual members and the whole community, the Church believes she 34 3,40| its whole truth in being a community of persons.~Thus the result 35 3,40| concern is reserved for this community, especially, in those times 36 3,42| acceptance. "The political community"-we read in the Constitution 37 3,42| common good in which the community finds its full justification 38 3,42| relationship between the political community and the Church, and to distinguish 39 3,42| identified with any political community nor bound by ties to any 40 3,42| nearness of the Christian community and their Pastors(153).~ 41 3,43| make the workplace become a community of persons respected in 42 3,44| family and in the whole civic community through the improvement 43 3,44| individual right and through community initiatives and institutions, 44 4,49| the primitive Christian community (cf. Rom 16:1-15; Phil 4: 45 4,51| the life of the Christian community(191).~Above all the acknowledgment 46 4,51| professional life and in the civil community"(193).~In the more specific 47 4,52| and woman to be the prime community of persons, source of every 48 4,52| persons, source of every other community, and, at the same time, 49 4,52| the Christian family is a community in which the relationships 50 4,52| mission should follow a community pattern: the spouses together 51 4,53| to century the Christian community in revealing and communicating 52 4,54| components of the ecclesial community in a coordinated way, is 53 5,57| the efforts of the whole community (clergy, lay faithful and 54 5,61| Thus the whole ecclesial community, in its diverse members, 55 5,62| into the wider ecclesial community and civil society. The more 56 5,62| develop this "formation community" which is together comprised

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