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Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Christifideles Laici

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1 1,9 | lay faithful are made one body with Christ and are established 2 1,10| us to Christ and to his Body, the Church; and anoints 3 1,11| and members of Christ's Body. St. Paul reminds the Christians 4 1,11| are all baptized into one body" (1 Cor 12:13), so that 5 1,11| faithful: "Now you are the body of Christ and individually 6 1,12| We Are One Body in Christ~12 . Regenerated 7 1,12| Christ and members of the body of the Church", as the Council 8 1,12| the crucified and glorious body of Christ. Through the sacrament 9 1,12| we, though many, are one body in Christ" (Rom 12:5).~In 10 1,14| been anointed but we, his body, have also been anointed ... 11 1,14| persons. Clearly we are the Body of Christ because we are 12 1,14| happens that with head and body the whole Christ is formed"( 13 1,14| Father along with the Lord's body. Thus as worshipers whose 14 1,14| the many who form the one Body of the Lord: in fact, Jesus 15 1,14| the Church which is his Body and his Spouse. In such 16 1,16| Christ; she is the Mystical Body, whose members share in 17 2,19| Lumen Gentium, 11). The Body of Christ in the Holy Eucharist 18 2,19| all the faithful in the Body of Christ which is the Church ( 19 2,19| of charity to the entire body of the Faithful, in this 20 2,19| there is the image of the Body as set forth by the Apostle 21 2,20| a living and functioning body. In fact, at one and the 22 2,20| in relation to the whole body and offers a totally unique 23 2,20| contribution on behalf of the whole body.~Saint Paul insists in a 24 2,20| communion of the Mystical Body of Christ. We can hear his 25 2,20| mystically into his own body. In that body, the life 26 2,20| into his own body. In that body, the life of Christ is communicated 27 2,20| the members of the human body, though they are many, form 28 2,20| they are many, form one body, so also are the Faithful 29 2,20| building up of Christ's body there is a diversity of 30 2,20| unifies and moves the whole body. This he does in such a 31 2,20| life fulfills in the human body"(60). And in another particularly 32 2,21| for the building up of the Body of Christ and for its mission 33 2,21| ministry, for building up the body of Christ, until we all 34 2,24| build up thereby the whole body in charity (cf. Eph 4:16)"( 35 2,24| the holiness of the whole Body of Christ, provided that 36 2,28| one People of God and the Body of Christ.~Being "members" 37 2,31| those who are "wounding the Body of Christ": "What I mean 38 4,50| to the "theology of the body", while at the same time 39 4,53| weight that wearies the body's members and dissipates 40 4,53| afflictions for the sake of his body, that is, the Church" (Col 41 4,54| Christ, "Physician of the body and the spirit"(201), must 42 4,55| living members of the one Body of the Lord built up through 43 4,56| building up the Mystical Body of Christ. Indeed as a person

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