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apostle 19
apostles 10
apostles-seed 1
apostolate 39
apostolic 25
appeal 4
appeals 1
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41 themselves
40 always
39 5
39 apostolate
39 father
39 sense
39 words
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Christifideles Laici

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   Chapter,  Paragraph
1 1,17| measure of the works of the apostolate and of the missionary effort. 2 1,17| force in the lay faithful's apostolate and mission. It is a dignity, 3 2,23| men, in the work of the apostolate, in evangelization, sanctification 4 2,24| persons. In referring to the apostolate of the lay faithful the 5 2,24| For the exercise of the apostolate the Holy Spirit who sanctifies 6 2,24| for the vitality of the apostolate and for the holiness of 7 2,25| read in the Decree on the Apostolate of Lay People- "a feeling 8 2,26| and other settings for the apostolate which cannot have the parish 9 2,27| necessary that without it the apostolate of the Pastors is generally 10 2,27| their commitment to the apostolate takes on in their parish. 11 2,27| outstanding example of the apostolate on the community level, 12 2,28| absolute necessity of an apostolate exercised by the individual 13 2,28| on its full meaning: "The apostolate exercised by the individual-which 14 2,28| condition of the whole lay apostolate, even in its organized expression, 15 2,28| are called to this type of apostolate and obliged to engage in 16 2,28| to engage in it. Such an apostolate is useful at all times and 17 2,28| and feasible"(104).~In the apostolate exercised by the individual, 18 2,28| Such an individual form of apostolate can contribute greatly to 19 2,29| various group forms of the apostolate can represent for many a 20 2,29| Church's mission and the apostolate.~Beyond this, the profound 21 2,29| in referring to the group apostolate as a "sign of communion 22 2,30| all forms of the Church's apostolate"(114).~The communion with 23 2,31| forms and goals, the lay apostolate provides for different types 24 2,31| Certain forms of the lay apostolate are given explicit recognition 25 2,31| various forms of the lay apostolate which have a particular 26 2,31| its responsibility in the apostolate. The cry of Saint Paul continues 27 3,40| the lay faithful in the apostolate of the temporal order is 28 3,40| lay faithful's duty in the apostolate to make the family aware 29 3,40| this reason the duty in the apostolate towards the family acquires 30 3,41| important expression of the apostolate, in which lay men and women 31 4,48| a new opportunity in the apostolate. Involved in the task is 32 4,49| various fields of the Church's apostolate"(180).~The awareness that 33 4,49| Though not called to the apostolate of the Twelve, and thereby, 34 4,51| fulfill the fundamental apostolate of the Church: evangelization. 35 4,51| called to put to work in this apostolate the "gifts" which are properly 36 4,51| an important field in the apostolate of women: in all aspects 37 4,51| and the dynamism in the apostolate of the People of God.~From 38 4,56| the spiritual life and the apostolate which are taken by individual 39 5,64| dynamism in mission and the apostolate.~It is of particular importance

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