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vine 44
vinedresser 4
vines 1
vineyard 38
violated 4
violation 1
violations 3
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38 holiness
38 own
38 spiritual
38 vineyard
37 given
37 humanity
37 mystery
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Christifideles Laici

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1 Intro,1| to the labourers in the vineyard mentioned in Matthew's Gospel: " 2 Intro,1| to hire labourers for his vineyard. After agreeing with the 3 Intro,1| day, he sent them into his vineyard" (Mt 20:1-2).~The gospel 4 Intro,1| our eyes the Lord's vast vineyard and the multitude of persons, 5 Intro,1| him to labour in it. The vineyard is the whole world (cf. 6 Intro,2| You Go Into My Vineyard Too~2. "And going out about 7 Intro,2| he said, 'You go into the vineyard too'" (Mt 20:3-4).~From 8 Intro,2| Lord Jesus "You go into my vineyard too" never fails to resound 9 Intro,2| of the labourers in the vineyard: "Keep watch over your manner 10 Intro,2| if he is labouring in the vineyard of the Lord"(2).~The Council, 11 Intro,2| and men, to labour in the vineyard: "The Council, then, makes 12 Intro,2| 10:1)"(3).~You go into my vineyard too. During the Synod of 13 Intro,3| the Lord to work in his vineyard, to take an active, conscientious 14 Intro,3| to them, 'You go into the vineyard too'"( Mt 20:6-7).~Since 15 Intro,3| that awaits everyone in the vineyard of the Lord is so great 16 Intro,3| invitation: "You go into my vineyard too".~The voice of the Lord 17 Intro,3| Spes.(7)This, then, is the vineyard; this is the field in which 18 Intro,7| householder" to work in his vineyard.~In this field the Church 19 1,8 | labourers who work in the vineyard, but as themselves being 20 1,8 | themselves being a part of the vineyard. Jesus says, "I am the vine, 21 1,8 | mother was like a vine in a vineyard transplanted by the water, 22 1,8 | 19:10); "My beloved had a vineyard on a very fertile hill. 23 1,8 | of God: "A man planted a vineyard, and set a hedge around 24 1,9 | the Biblical image of the vineyard, the lay faithful, together 25 1,17 | labourers who work in the Lord's vineyard. Confident and steadfast 26 1,17 | the Lord to work in his vineyard: "Upon all the lay faithful, 27 2,28 | s words "You go into my vineyard too", directed to the Church 28 4 | LABOURERS IN THE LORD'S VINEYARD~Good Stewards of God's Varied 29 4,45 | calls the labourers for his vineyard at various times during 30 4,45 | and sent forth into the vineyard at different hours, that 31 4,53 | labourers into the Lord's vineyard: the weight that wearies 32 4,53 | person from working in the vineyard. Instead the sick are called 33 4,55 | faithful-are labourers in the vineyard. At one and the same time 34 4,55 | in the one and the same vineyard of the Lord.~Simply in being 35 4,56 | employed as labourers in the vineyard of the Lord, building up 36 5,58 | forth as a labourer in his vineyard. He calls me and sends me 37 5,58 | of the labourers in the vineyard, calls at every hour of 38 5,64 | the gospel: You go into my vineyard too. It can be said that

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