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witnessed 1
witnesses 5
woe 1
woman 34
woman-as 1
womb 3
wombs 1
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34 fruit
34 history
34 part
34 woman
33 2
33 baptism
33 itself
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Christifideles Laici

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   Chapter,  Paragraph
1 3,37| beings, only a man or a woman is a "person", a conscious 2 3,37| becoming man in the womb of a woman, as we continue to be reminded 3 3,40| This partnership of man and woman constitutes the first form 4 3,43| Concretely the work of man and woman represents the most common 5 4,49| the personal dignity of woman, and consequently, her equality 6 4,49| the personal dignity of woman and her vocation, particularly 7 4,50| the rightful presence of woman in the Church and in society 8 4,50| the intent of clarifying woman's personal identity in relation 9 4,50| movements for the promotion of woman, and, in going to the very 10 4,50| the very basic aspect of woman as a personal being, provides 11 4,50| sent his Son, born of a woman" (Gal 4:4). That "fullness" 12 4,50| history: God's plan for woman is read and is to be read 13 4,50| Dignity and Vocation of Woman gives much attention to 14 4,50| theological foundation of woman's dignity as a person. The 15 4,50| personal dignity of man and woman and their mutual relationship, 16 4,50| Dignity and Vocation of Woman reads: "Both women and men ... 17 4,51| evangelization. However, a woman is called to put to work 18 4,51| connected with her vocation as a woman.~In her participation in 19 4,51| mission of the Church a woman cannot receive the Sacrament 20 4,51| responsible presence of woman in the Church must be realized 21 4,51| her duty to evangelize, woman is to feel more acutely 22 4,51| by faith (cf. Eph 1:18), woman is to be able to distinguish 23 4,51| decisive intervention of woman.~Secondly, women have the 24 4,51| the personal dignity of woman and her specific vocation 25 4,51| entrusted the human being to woman. Certainly, every human 26 4,51| human being is entrusted to woman, precisely because the woman 27 4,51| woman, precisely because the woman in virtue of her special 28 4,51| and responsibilities of woman in this area, at a time 29 4,51| the basic contribution of woman to the enrichment of Church 30 4,52| which is natural for man and woman. It is, rather, the original 31 4,52| two", and willed man and woman to be the prime community 32 4,52| relation between man and woman. The Sacrament of Matrimony, 33 4,52| relations between man and woman must be imbued by this spirit. 34 4,56| the maid and the married woman. Not only this, but the

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