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charismatic 2
charisms 25
charitable 3
charity 31
charter 1
chastity 2
child 3
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32 made
32 pastoral
31 call
31 charity
31 do
31 first
31 grace
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Christifideles Laici

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1 1,14| serve, in justice and in charity, Jesus who is himself present 2 1,15| one hope and one undivided charity"(28). Because of the one 3 1,15| resplendent in faith, hope and charity they manifest Christ to 4 1,16| that is, the perfection of charity. Holiness is the greatest 5 1,16| and to the perfection of charity"(43). "All of Christ's followers 6 2,19| communication of that life of charity to the entire body of the 7 2,24| thereby the whole body in charity (cf. Eph 4:16)"(79).~By 8 2,26| practice and work the humble charity of good and brotherly works"( 9 2,30| life and the perfection of charity(110).~In this sense whatever 10 2,30| a greater generosity in charity towards all; conversion 11 3,32| Holy Spirit that pours the charity of Jesus Christ into the 12 3,33| Sacraments, and lived in charity, the principle of Christian 13 3,34| of an existence lived in charity and in service.~The lay 14 3,41| Charity: The Soul and Sustenance 15 3,41| called to the service of charity: "In the very early days 16 3,41| around Christ by the bond of charity. So too, in all ages, she 17 3,41| others, she claims works of charity as her own inalienable duty 18 3,41| poor and the sick, works of charity and mutual aid intended 19 3,41| honour in the Church"(148). Charity towards one's neighbor, 20 3,41| the lay faithful.~Through charity towards one's neighbor, 21 3,41| everyone at all times because charity is the highest gift offered 22 3,41| good of humanity. In fact, charity gives life and sustains 23 3,41| the human being.~The same charity, realized not only by individuals 24 3,41| populations. Paradoxically such charity is made increasingly necessary 25 3,42| Everyone and by Everyone~42. A charity that loves and serves the 26 3,42| of "heart", justice and charity, all of which are the undeniable 27 3,43| enabled to exercise genuine charity and be a partner in the 28 4,48| 11-12), and the worker of charity.~At this moment the growing 29 5,59| exercise of faith, hope and charity"(211).~The Second Vatican 30 5,60| in devotion to others in charity and justice. The Council 31 5,61| in the life of fraternal charity, and in allowing a more

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