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talent 2
talents 3
talk 2
task 29
tasks 16
taught 1
teach 2
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29 much
29 place
29 suffering
29 task
29 together
29 true
28 12
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Christifideles Laici

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   Chapter,  Paragraph
1 2,23| minister simply in performing a task, but through sacramental 2 2,23| Eternal Priesthood(70). The task exercised in virtue of supply 3 2,26| Church.~Since the Church's task in our day is so great its 4 2,28| entrusted with a unique task which cannot be done by 5 2,31| Council for the Laity has the task of preparing a list of those 6 3,34| acknowledging that they "have a task that carries great importance 7 3,34| catechists of their children, a task for which they are given 8 3,37| person makes up an essential task, in a certain sense, the 9 3,37| the central and unifying task of the service which the 10 3,38| particular title to this task: such as parents, teachers, 11 3,38| universal Church-take up the task of calling culture back 12 3,39| society, as the general task of that Christian animation 13 3,40| the role of family in its task of being the primary place 14 3,42| In order to achieve their task directed to the Christian 15 3,42| undertake the burdens of this task"(150).~Public life on behalf 16 3,42| take upon themselves the task of being "peacemakers" ( 17 3,43| received from God himself the task of "dominating" the created 18 3,43| the world. But this is a task that humanity must carry 19 4,48| apostolate. Involved in the task is their determination to 20 4,49| man.~If anyone has this task of advancing the dignity 21 4,51| everyone.~First of all, the task of bringing full dignity 22 4,51| Secondly, women have the task of assuring the moral dimension 23 4,54| responsible of their place and task within and on behalf of 24 5,58| marvelous yet demanding task awaiting all the lay faithful 25 5,61| called upon to assume the task of a totally integrated 26 5,61| which has the essential task of a more personal and immediate 27 5,62| Christian spirit, fulfill a task which is involved in the 28 5,62| the Church entrusts the task of allowing all to better 29 5,62| appeals to the prophetic task of Catholic schools and

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