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prompt 1
promptings 2
pronouncements 2
proper 27
properly 10
property 3
prophecy 3
Frequency    [«  »]
27 indeed
27 necessary
27 power
27 proper
27 right
27 son
27 thus
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Christifideles Laici

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   Chapter,  Paragraph
1 1,15| able then to indicate the proper and special sense of the 2 2,18| Church and in the world. A proper understanding of these aspects, 3 2,20| only the organic nature proper to ecclesial communion but 4 2,23| vocation, in the measure proper to each person, the lay 5 2,23| natural that the tasks not proper to the ordained ministers 6 2,24| charisms) genuineness and proper use belongs to those who 7 2,29| Such liberty is a true and proper right that is not derived 8 2,29| quite clear: "As long as the proper relationship is kept to 9 2,31| priests, so that in a way proper to their vocation and with 10 3,32| that all according to their proper roles may cooperate in this 11 3,33| is the grace and vocation proper to the Church, her most 12 3,36| saving purpose which is proper to her, the Church not only 13 3,36| obliging them, in their proper and irreplaceable way, to 14 3,39| faithful are called as their proper and specific role.~ 15 3,40| over the role in education proper to the family.~Required 16 3,40| and responsible place for proper growth and proper participation 17 3,40| place for proper growth and proper participation in social 18 3,42| which it derives its basic, proper and lawful arrangement. 19 3,42| pluralistic society, to work out a proper vision of the relationship 20 3,43| organizations of work which lack a proper goal; to make the workplace 21 4,49| greater consciousness of their proper dignity and their entrance 22 4,51| therefore, cannot fulfil the proper function of the ministerial 23 4,52| some of whom abdicate their proper Church responsibilities, 24 5,59| discovering and living their proper vocation and mission, the 25 5,60| They must be offered a proper formation of a social conscience, 26 5,62| their children as a true and proper part of Church mission. 27 5,64| promotes and stimulates the proper apostolic and missionary

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