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parental 1
parenthood 1
parents 8
parish 25
parishes 7
parliaments 1
parochial 2
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25 forth
25 groups
25 me
25 parish
25 pastors
25 public
25 simply
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Christifideles Laici

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1 2,25| own diocese, of which the parish is a kind of cell, and be 2 2,26| The Parish~26. The ecclesial community, 3 2,26| visible expression in the parish. It is there that the Church 4 2,26| the true meaning of the parish, that is, the place where 5 2,26| sections of cities. The parish is not principally a structure, 6 2,26| Plainly and simply, the parish is founded on a theological 7 2,26| 94). This means that the parish is a community properly 8 2,26| rooted in the fact that the parish is a community of faith 9 2,26| accomplishment cannot be left to the parish alone. For this reason the 10 2,26| apostolate which cannot have the parish as their center and origin. 11 2,26| Nevertheless, in our day the parish still enjoys a new and promising 12 2,26| venerable structure of the parish has an indispensable mission 13 2,26| following: a) adaptation of parish structures according to 14 2,27| Apostolic Commitment in the Parish~27. It is now necessary 15 2,27| participation of the lay faithful in parish life. In this regard all 16 2,27| apostolate takes on in their parish. Once again the Council 17 2,27| places it in relief: "The parish offers an outstanding example 18 2,27| themselves to working in the parish in close union with their 19 2,27| decided appreciation for "Parish Pastoral Councils", on which 20 2,27| Christian life.~If indeed, the parish is the Church placed in 21 2,27| desire can come from the parish, when, with the lay faithful' 22 5,61| Church or diocese is the Parish which has the essential 23 5,61| and singular groups, the parish is called to instruct its 24 5,61| mission.~Internal to the parish, especially if vast and 25 5,61| receive from their diocese and parish, especially concerning communion

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