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Alphabetical    [«  »]
dug 2
during 8
duties 8
duty 19
dwells 1
dying-they 1
dynamic 6
Frequency    [«  »]
20 universal
19 apostle
19 demands
19 duty
19 go
19 individuals
19 moral
Ioannes Paulus PP. II
Christifideles Laici

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   Chapter,  Paragraph
1 1,17| then, rests the exalted duty of working to assure that 2 2,31| and lay faithful, have the duty to promote and nourish stronger 3 3,39| have made it their special duty "to give thanks to those 4 3,40| The Family: Where the Duty to Society Begins~40. The 5 3,40| person. For this reason the duty of the lay faithful in the 6 3,40| 1-7).~The lay faithful's duty to society primarily begins 7 3,40| and in the family. This duty can only be fulfilled adequately 8 3,40| above all the lay faithful's duty in the apostolate to make 9 3,40| families. For this reason the duty in the apostolate towards 10 3,41| charity as her own inalienable duty and right. For this reason, 11 3,41| temporal order, the specific duty of the lay faithful.~Through 12 3,41| disengagement from a sense of duty.~Precisely in this context 13 3,42| every person has a right and duty to participate in public 14 3,43| same time a right and a duty for every individual.~Once 15 4,48| for them, but it is their duty even in this time in their 16 4,51| While she is to fulfill her duty to evangelize, woman is 17 4,51| with safeguarding the basic duty to human values in various 18 5,60| place. It is the right and duty of Pastors to propose moral 19 5,63| of a few, but a right and duty of all. In this regard the

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