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catch 2
catches 3
caterina 1
catherine 24
catholic 4
catholicism 2
caught 3
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25 until
25 walk
24 anything
24 catherine
24 caused
24 committed
24 knowing
St. Catherine of Siena
The Dialogue of Saint Catherine

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   Chapter, Paragraph
1 Intro, 0| Church under the name of St. Catherine of Siena. More than 500 2 Intro, 0| St. Catherine was born at the same time 3 Intro, 0| white mythology. The tiny Catherine was no exception to the 4 Intro, 0| So it happened that Catherine, being arrived at the age 5 Intro, 0| Astounded at such a sight, Catherine stood still, and with fixed 6 Intro, 0| was so efficacious, that Catherine, beside herself, and transformed 7 Intro, 0| why do you not come?' Then Catherine, as if waking from a heavy 8 Intro, 0| Such was the "call" of St. Catherine of Siena, and, to a mind 9 Intro, 0| be said of the action of Catherine on her generation. Few individuals 10 Intro, 0| the events of their time. Catherine the Peacemaker reconciles 11 Intro, 0| Florence and the Holy See. Catherine the Consoler pours the balm 12 Intro, 0| clergy was, according to Catherine herself, too often one of 13 Intro, 0| comprehension of the task with which Catherine measured, for the time, 14 Intro, 0| the true greatness of St. Catherine. Great ends may be pursued 15 Intro, 0| fact," and the soul of St. Catherine's gesta expressed itself 16 Intro, 0| spirits of the air, St. Catherine has taken a permanent and 17 Intro, 0| The Dialogue of St. Catherine of Siena was dictated to 18 Intro, 0| altered since the days of St. Catherine. ~ 19 Intro, 0| the complete works of St. Catherine in the last century. His 20 Intro, 0| the Siennese of today. St. Catherine has no style as such; she 21 Lette | the Seraphic Virgin, Saint Catherine of Siena, to Sister Catherine 22 Lette | Catherine of Siena, to Sister Catherine Petriboni in the Monastery 23 Lette, 0| memory of our blessed mother Catherine, I, Barduccio, a wretched 24 Lette, 0| Catherine had been lying on the bosom

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