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Congregation for the Clergy
General Directory for Catechesis

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        • The meaning and purpose of Part Five
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The meaning and purpose of Part Five

215. From what has been said in the preceding parts concerning the nature of catechesis, its content, pedagogy, and those to whom it is addressed, there arises the nature of catechetical pastoral work, which is done in the particular Church. Part Five of this Directory presents its more important elements.

216. The first chapter reflects upon the catechetical ministry and its agents. Catechesis is a shared but differentiated responsibility. Bishops, priests, deacons, religious and the lay faithful play their part, each according to their respective responsibilities and charisms.

The second chapter analyses catechists' formation, a decisive element in catechetical activity. If it is important that catechesis be provided with valid catechetical material, yet more important is the preparation of suitable catechists. The third chapter studies the loci where catechesis is realized.

The fourth chapter studies the more organizational aspects of catechesis: the structures of responsibility, the co-ordination of catechesis and some tasks specific to catechetical service. The directives and suggestions offered in this section cannot find immediate and contemporary application in all parts of the Church. For those nations or regions in which catechetical activity has not yet had the means of reaching a sufficient level of development, these orientations and suggestions offer but a series of goals to be achieved gradually.

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