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    • CHAPTER I Revelation and its transmission through evangelization
        • Evangelization
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46. The Church "exists in order to evangelize" (100) that is "the carrying forth of the Good News to every sector of the human race so that by its strength it may enter into the hearts of men and renew the human race". (101)

The missionary mandate of Jesus to evangelize has various aspects, all of which, however, are closely connected with each other: "proclaim", (Mk 16,15) "make disciples and teach", (102) "be my witnesses", (103) "baptize", (104) "do this in memory of me", (Lk 22,19) "love one another" (Jn 15,12) Proclamation, witness, teaching, sacraments, love of neighbour: all of these aspects are the means by which the one Gospel is transmitted and they constitute the essential elements of evangelization itself.

Indeed they are so important that, at times, there is a tendency to identify them with the action of evangelization. However, "no such definition can be accepted for that complex, rich and dynamic reality which is called evangelization". (105) There is the risk of impoverishing it or even of distorting it. Evangelization, on the contrary, must develop its "totality" (106) and completely incorporate its intrinsic bipolarity: witness andproclamation, (107) word and sacrament, (108) interior change and social transformation. (109) Those who evangelize have a "global vision" (110) of evangelization and identify with the overall mission of the Church. (111)

99) Dei Verbum and the Catechism of the Catholic Church (nn. 150-175) speak of faith as a response to Revelation. In this context, for catechetical pastoral motivation, it is preferred to associate faith more with Evangelization than with Revelation in so far as the latter, in fact, reaches man normally by way of the evangelical mission of the Church.

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