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Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira
Double Game of French Socialism

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  • The Ideal Self-Managing Enterprise Proposed by the Socialists
    • V- Anarchic Functioning
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V- Anarchic Functioning

·        There will be no hierarchy or real authority in the self-managing enterprise:

-- "It should be quite clear that the new legitimacy is founded upon an authority delegated by, and responsible to, the workers;"

-- "The relationship between principals and agents may recreate, at least partially, the relationship between directors and directed. The Yugoslavs have openly verified this after more than 20 years of experience . . . This is why control must be exercised autonomously through joint production committees" ("Fifteen Theses," p. 13).

·        Some practical measures are proposed to prevent the reestablishment of hierarchy:

-- "job rotation;"

-- "optional recall of elected representatives in charge" ("Fifteen Theses," p. 10)

·        In the self-managing enterprise everything is decided by and made known to everyone:

-- "For the first time, debate about the general policy of the company, its investments, its organization and its social behavior will take place before all employees, and their decisions will be enforced by  designated representatives" (Program, p. 239).

-- "It is necessary to lay down the principle of free access of workers' representatives and of experts whom they may call to their assistance to all the sources of information in the company . . . The wall of secrecy is, in fact, nothing but the rampart of power. It must be torn down"(Program, pp. 241-242).

·        As can be seen, these proposals establish a complete subordination of specialists and technicians to assemblies and committees in which the decisive majorities are normally made up of people with less intellectual development.


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