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charge 2
charged 1
christ 2
christian 11
christians 12
cincius 1
circle 1
Frequency    [«  »]
13 their
12 christians
12 own
11 christian
11 one
11 those
10 at
Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus
To Scapula

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1 II | to the imperial throne. A Christian is enemy to none, least 2 III| unpunished the guilt of shedding Christian blood; as you see, indeed, 3 III| that his wife had become a Christian, had treated the Christians 4 III| Christians rejoice, and Christian wives take encouragement." 5 III| inflicted, and died almost a Christian himself. In that doom which 6 IV | dismissed from his bar a Christian, on the ground that to satisfy 7 IV | too, at once dismissed a Christian who was brought before him, 8 IV | Christians; for he sought out the Christian Proculus, surnamed Torpacion, 9 IV | brought up as he was on Christian milk, was intimately acquainted 10 IV | Germany, by the prayers his Christian soldiers offered to God, 11 IV | grounds? To what else does the Christian devote himself, save the

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