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Alphabetical    [«  »]
give 3
gives 1
glory 1
god 18
god- 1
gods 6
good 1
Frequency    [«  »]
19 us
18 all
18 but
18 god
17 they
17 your
16 be
Quintus Septimius Florens Tertullianus
To Scapula

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1 I | our desire being to obtain God's promised rewards, and 2 II | We are worshippers of one God, of whose existence and 3 II | undivine. Accordingly the true God bestows His blessings alike 4 II | knows to be appointed by his God, and so cannot but love 5 II | the human being next to God who from God has received 6 II | being next to God who from God has received all his power, 7 II | power, and is less than God alone. And this will be 8 II | emperor's safety, but to our God and his, and after the manner 9 II | his, and after the manner God has enjoined, in simple 10 II | enjoined, in simple prayer. For God, Creator of the universe, 11 II | which we expect to come from God.~ 12 III| these things are signs of God's impending wrath, which 13 IV | warning them not to fight with God. You may perform the duties 14 IV | Christian soldiers offered to God, got rain in that well-known 15 IV | the people crying to "the God of gods, the alone Omnipotent," 16 IV | have borne witness to our God. Then we never deny the 17 IV | for truth, for the living God, that we are consigned to 18 V | enemies. We have no master but God. He is before you, and cannot

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