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fact 1
fail 1
fair-seeming 1
faith 30
faithful 1
faithless 1
faithlessness 3
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31 let
31 may
30 can
30 faith
28 him
28 them
27 been
Tascius Caecilius Cyprianus
On the lapsed

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1 Arg | WHO HAD STOOD FAST IN THE FAITH; AND THEN WITH EXTREME GRIEF 2 II | praises of virtue and of faith; clinging to them with holy 3 II | soundness of a tenacious faith. Resting on the unshaken 4 II | The days for proving their faith were limited beforehand; 5 V | heavenly rebuke has aroused our faith, which was giving way, and 6 VI | ministers there was no sound faith: in their works there was 7 VII | sin and probation of our faith. Nor indeed have we at last 8 VII | brethren betrayed their faith, and were cast down, not 9 VII | Scripture, which ever arms our faith and strengthens with a voice 10 VIII | there you have burnt up your faith in those deadly fires.~ 11 X | while does not deny his faith, but waits for the time; 12 XI | virtue was retarded, and faith burdened, and the spirit 13 XII | they have erred s from the faith, and pierced themselves 14 XIII | the arms of devotion and faith; but as I was struggling 15 XIII | mind stood firm, and my faith was strong, and my soul 16 XIV | in cases where it was not faith that fell in the encounter, 17 XIX | martyrdom in firmness of faith, more happy in God's condescension, 18 XIX | his fear, more true in his faith? And · yet God said that 19 XX | reward of a virtue. Again, if faith which has conquered be crowned, 20 XX | strength of their uncorrupted faith abides sound; nor can he 21 XX | Christ, whose hope, and faith, and virtue, and glory, 22 XXII | have been with him, or what faith, whom neither fear could 23 XXIII | unbelievers have little faith in future events, let them 24 XXVIII| are they both greater in faith and better in their fear, 25 XXVIII| profaning the sanctity of the faith under the eyes of a people 26 XXXI | the Lord by obedience of faith and fear, yet they did not 27 XXXI | the manifold grace of his faith and innocency, after the 28 XXXV | judge concerning us. Thus faith flourished in the time of 29 XXXVI | strength whereby the refreshed faith may be invigorated. The 30 XXXVI | more both of virtue and of faith from the very grief of his

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