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child 4
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christ 22
christian 5
church 8
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25 all
25 my
24 more
22 christ
22 out
22 sin
22 so
Tascius Caecilius Cyprianus
On the lapsed

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1 Arg | WITHDRAWN, ACCORDING TO CHRIST'S COUNSEL. LASTLY, HE WARNS 2 II | The white-robed cohort of Christ's soldiers is here, who 3 II | voice has named the name of Christ, in whom it has once confessed 4 VI | prostituted the members of Christ to the Gentiles. They would 5 VII | unexpected, the obligation to Christ should be dissolved with 6 VIII | and speak and renounce Christ, when he had already renounced 7 X | his estate? But let not Christ be forsaken, so that the 8 X | it, whosoever abiding in Christ departs for a while does 9 XI | relatives, and clave to Christ with undivided ties.~ 10 XII | But how can they follow Christ, who are held back by the 11 XVII | stand before the tribunal of Christ.~ 12 XX | say or do anything against Christ, whose hope, and faith, 13 XX | virtue, and glory, are all in Christ: those cannot be the authority 14 XXIV | denial, after he had denied Christ, became dumb. The punishment 15 XXVIII| openly admitted his crime. Christ says in His precepts, "Whosoever 16 XXVIII| How can he be one with Christ, who either blushes or fears 17 XXVIII| blushes or fears to belong to Christ? He will certainly have 18 XXX | to consider the robe of Christ which she has lost; to receive 19 XXX | without the adornment of Christ thou art unsightly. And 20 XXXV | after losing the raiment of Christ, you must be willing now 21 XXXV | adversary took from you, let Christ receive; nor ought your 22 XXXV | people of believers kept Christ's commands: they were prompt,

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