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sinner 2
sinners 2
sinning 1
sins 21
slain 1
slaves 1
slight 1
Frequency    [«  »]
21 at
21 before
21 even
21 sins
21 there
20 brethren
20 man
Tascius Caecilius Cyprianus
On the lapsed

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1 Arg | NEGLECT OF DISCIPLINE, AND THE SINS OF THE FAITHFUL; OUR AUTHOR 2 V | we deserved more for our sins, yet the most merciful Lord 3 VI | we deserve to suffer for sins of this kind, when even 4 VI | offences with a rod, and their sins with scourges?"~ 5 VII | us, have so acted by our sins, that while we despise the 6 X | be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not 7 XVII | alone can bestow pardon for sins which have been committed 8 XVII | against Himself, who bare our sins, who sorrowed for us, whom 9 XVII | God delivered up for our sins. Man cannot be greater than 10 XVIII | he can give remission of sins to all, or dares to rescind 11 XVIII | remission and pardon of sins, or that he can shield others 12 XIX | Moses also besought for the sins of the people; and yet, 13 XIX | entreated and prayed for the sins of the people, "Pray not 14 XIX | the earth was filled with sins, was alone found righteous 15 XXI | God; and because of your sins He hath hid His face from 16 XXVI | the punishment of their sins is as varied as the multitude, 17 XXVIII| deceptive cunning. Yea, he sins the more, who, thinking 18 XXXIII| understand nor lament their sins. This is the greater visitation 19 XXXV | and grief look into your sins; acknowledge the very grave 20 XXXV | righteous works, whereby sins may be purged; frequently 21 XXXV | they were not redeeming sins of such a character as these.~

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