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womb 1
women 3
word 1
words 12
working 1
works 7
world 12
Frequency    [«  »]
12 receive
12 still
12 think
12 words
12 world
11 after
11 away
Tascius Caecilius Cyprianus
On the lapsed

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1 Arg | THAT, AT THE VERY FIRST WORDS OF THE ENEMY THREATENING 2 IV | I need tears rather than words to express the sorrow with 3 IV | rather with tears than with words? I grieve, brethren, I grieve 4 VII | Immediately at the first words of the threatening foe, 5 VII | Lord, who instructs by His words and fulfils by His deeds, 6 XVI | which some with deceiving words are blazoning forth: that 7 XVI | contagion with their pestilent words; they dash the ship on the 8 XXIV | not ask, since he had no words for entreating mercy. Another, 9 XXVII| our deeds, but even of our words and thoughts. He looks into 10 XXXI | have we hearkened to the words of Thy servants the prophets, 11 XXXV | appeased, whom with faithless words you have denied, to whom 12 XXXVI| expressed His mercy in these words may pity such men: "When

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