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Pontifical Work for Ecclesiastical Vocations
New Vocations for New Europe

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Pedagogy of vocation

32. Within this Gospel we search for a corresponding pedagogy, which is that of Jesus, the authentic pedagogy of vocation. This is the pedagogy that every vocations promoter or evangeliser must know how to implement, in order to lead the young person to recognise the Lord who calls, and to respond to Him.

If the point of reference of vocational pedagogy is the mystery of Christ, the Son of God made man, there are many significant aspects and dimensions in his "vocational" activity.

Above all, Jesus is presented to us in the Gospels much more as formator than as promoter, precisely because He always works in strictest union with the Father, who sows the seed of the Word and educates (leads out from nothing), and with the Spirit who accompanies along the path of sanctification.

These aspects open up particular perspectives to those who are involved in pastoral work for vocations and are therefore themselves called to be not only vocations promoters, but, even before this, to be sowers of the good seed of vocation, and then accompaniers along the path that leads the heart to "burn", educators in the faith and in listening to the God who calls, formators of human and Christian attitudes of responding to God's appeal;(96) and who are called, finally, to discern the presence of the gift that comes from on high.

These are the five central characteristics of vocations ministry or the five dimensions of the mystery of the call that, from God, arrives at the individual through the mediation of a brother or sister, or community.

96) 3 Cf Propositions, 9.

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