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Council of Trent

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1 6,2| DECREE ON REFORMATION CHAPTER I. ~On the Institution of 2 6,2| with the advice of his chapter, as that the said lecture 3 6,2| prebends and benefices. ~CHAPTER II. ~On Preachers of the 4 7,1| is defined and declared. ~CHAPTER I. ~On the Inability of 5 7,1| means extinguished in them. ~CHAPTER II. ~On the dispensation 6 7,1| those of the whole world. ~CHAPTER III. ~Who are justified 7 7,1| and remission of sins. ~CHAPTER IV. ~A description is introduced 8 7,1| into the Kingdom of God. ~CHAPTER V. ~On the necessity, in 9 7,1| prevented by the grace of God. ~CHAPTER VI. ~The manner of Preparation. ~ 10 7,1| your hearts unto the Lord. ~CHAPTER VII. ~What the justification 11 7,1| have life everlasting. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~In what manner it 12 7,1| grace is no more grace. ~CHAPTER IX. ~Against the vain confidence 13 7,1| obtained the grace of God. ~CHAPTER X. ~On the increase of Justification 14 7,1| faith, hope, and charity." ~CHAPTER XI. ~On keeping the Commandments, 15 7,1| looked unto the reward. ~CHAPTER XII. ~That a rash presumptuousness 16 7,1| hath chosen unto Himself. ~CHAPTER XIII. ~On the gift of Perseverance. ~ 17 7,1| flesh, you shall live. ~CHAPTER XIV. ~On the fallen, and 18 7,1| fruits worthy of penance. ~CHAPTER XV. ~That, by every mortal 19 7,1| from the grace of Christ. ~CHAPTER XVI. ~On the fruit of Justification, 20 7,2| DECREE ON REFORMATION~CHAPTER I. ~It is meet that prelates 21 7,2| salutary and expedient. ~CHAPTER II. ~It is not lawful for 22 7,2| to any in this regard. ~CHAPTER III. ~The excesses of Secular 23 7,2| hereunto by the Apostolic See. ~CHAPTER IV. ~Bishops and other greater 24 7,2| to have accompany them. ~CHAPTER V. ~Bishops shall neither 25 8,1| authority of the Apostolic See. ~CHAPTER I. ~Who is capable of governing 26 8,1| the Council of Lateran. ~CHAPTER II. ~The holders of several 27 8,1| that moment deemed vacant. ~CHAPTER III. ~Benefices shall be 28 8,1| which begins, Grave nimis. ~CHAPTER IV. ~The retainer of several 29 8,1| virtue of the present Canon. ~CHAPTER V. ~The holders of several 30 8,1| the matters aforenamed. ~CHAPTER VI. ~What unions of Benefices 31 8,1| have declared otherwise. ~CHAPTER VII. ~United Ecclesiastical 32 8,1| the matters abovenamed. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~Churches shall be 33 8,1| being utterly set aside. ~CHAPTER IX. ~The duty of consecration 34 8,1| of no avail to any one. ~CHAPTER X. ~When a See is vacant, 35 8,1| Otherwise, the contravening Chapter shall be subjected to an 36 8,1| next appointed prelate. ~CHAPTER XI. ~Faculties for promotion 37 8,1| previous careful examination. ~CHAPTER XII. ~Faculties for not 38 8,1| cases by law provided. ~CHAPTER XIII. ~Individuals by whomsoever 39 8,1| colleges for general studies. ~CHAPTER XIV. ~The civil causes of 40 8,1| regulations) aforesaid. ~CHAPTER XV. ~Ordinaries shall take 41 14,1| this present decree. ~ ./. CHAPTER I. ~On the real presence 42 14,1| excellent benefit of Christ. ~CHAPTER II. ~On the reason of the 43 14,1| no schisms amongst us. ~CHAPTER III. ~On the excellency 44 14,1| under the parts thereof. ~CHAPTER IV. ~On Transubstantiation. ~ 45 14,1| called Transubstantiation. ~CHAPTER V. ~On the cult and veneration 46 14,1| confounded, at length repent. ~CHAPTER VI. ~On reserving the Sacrament 47 14,1| by all means retained. ~CHAPTER VII. ~On the preparation 48 14,1| confess as soon as possible. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~On the use of this 49 14,3| DECREE ON REFORMATION ~CHAPTER I. ~Bishops shall apply 50 14,3| shall remain untouched. ~CHAPTER II. ~An appeal from the 51 14,3| not to inferior judges. ~CHAPTER III. ~The acts of the first 52 14,3| that justice may require. ~CHAPTER IV. ~In what manner clerics 53 14,3| their knowledge of law. ~CHAPTER V. ~The bishop shall take 54 14,3| suppression of the truth. ~CHAPTER VI. ~A bishop shall not 55 14,3| deprived of, his office. ~CHAPTER VII. ~The qualifications 56 14,3| to grievous punishments. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~Important episcopal 57 15,1| be perpetually retained. ~CHAPTER I. ~On the necessity, and 58 15,1| nouncing the Gospel of Christ. ~CHAPTER II. ~On the difference between 59 15,1| as yet been regenerated. ~CHAPTER III. ~On the parts, and 60 15,1| are the parts of penance. ~CHAPTER IV. ~On Contrition. ~Contrition, 61 15,1| not free and voluntary. ~CHAPTER V. ~On Confession. ~From 62 15,1| worthy of being retained. ~CHAPTER VI. ~On the ministry of 63 15,1| who would act in earnest. ~CHAPTER VII. ~On the Reservation 64 15,1| benefit of absolution. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~On the necessity 65 15,1| and use of satisfaction. ~CHAPTER IX. ~On Works of Satisfaction. ~ 66 15,2| life to be at hand. ~ ./. CHAPTER I. ~On the Institution of 67 15,2| unction," &c. are the form. ~CHAPTER II. ~On the Effect of this 68 15,2| the welfare of the soul. ~CHAPTER III. ~On the Minister of 69 15,5| established and decreed. ~CHAPTER I. ~If any, being prohibited, 70 15,5| shall be of any avail. ~CHAPTER II. ~If a bishop shall confer 71 15,5| prelate shall seem fit. ~CHAPTER III. ~The bishop may suspend 72 15,5| sacraments of the Church. ~CHAPTER IV. ~No cleric shall be 73 15,5| said exempted clerics. ~CHAPTER V. ~The jurisdiction of 74 15,5| condition soever, even though a Chapter, so as to screen the party 75 15,5| and are, wholly exempted. ~CHAPTER VI. ~A penalty is decreed 76 15,5| hereby renewed and enlarged. ~CHAPTER VII. ~Voluntary homicides 77 15,5| proved, and not otherwise. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~No one shall, by 78 15,5| wholly without effect. ~CHAPTER IX. ~The Benefices of one 79 15,5| subject of these unions. ~CHAPTER X. ~Regular Benefices shall 80 15,5| woollen and linen together. ~CHAPTER XI. ~Those transferred to 81 15,5| Benefices, even of cures. ~CHAPTER XII. ~No one shall obtain 82 15,5| other inferior person. ~CHAPTER XIII. ~The Presentation 83 15,5| null, and as such reputed. ~CHAPTER XIV. ~That the Mass, Order, 84 22,1| explained and defined. ~CHAPTER I. ~That laymen and clerics, 85 22,1| live for ever (v. 59.) ~CHAPTER II. ~The power of the Church 86 22,1| authority of the Church itself. ~CHAPTER III. ~That Christ whole 87 22,1| necessary to salvation. ~CHAPTER IV. ~That little Children 88 22,2| business of Reformation. ~CHAPTER I. ~Bishops shall both confer 89 22,2| penalties by law inflicted. ~CHAPTER II. ~Those who have not 90 22,2| of the ancient canons. ~CHAPTER III. ~A method of increasing 91 22,2| and of the sacred canons. ~CHAPTER IV. ~In what case Coadjutors 92 22,2| suspensions whatsoever. ~CHAPTER V. ~Bishops shall be able 93 22,2| derogation, or suspension. ~CHAPTER VI. ~To ignorant Rectors, 94 22,2| exemption or appeal whatsoever. ~CHAPTER VII. ~Bishops shall transfer, 95 22,2| however, being erected there. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~Commendatory monasteries, 96 22,2| exemptions whatsoever. ~CHAPTER IX. ~The name and use of 97 22,2| aided by two members of the Chapter; to whom also power is given 98 23,1| singular sacrifice. ~ ./. CHAPTER I. ~On the institution of 99 23,1| perfection of them all. ~CHAPTER II. ~That the Sacrifice 100 23,1| tradition of the apostles. ~CHAPTER III. ~On Masses in honour 101 23,1| we celebrate upon earth. ~CHAPTER IV ~On the Canon of the 102 23,1| also of holy pontiffs. ~CHAPTER V. ~On the solemn ceremonies 103 23,1| hidden in this sacrifice. ~CHAPTER VI. ~On Mass wherein the 104 23,1| to the body of Christ. ~CHAPTER VII. ~On the water that 105 23,1| is hereby represented. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~On not celebrating 106 23,1| Lord's days and festivals. ~CHAPTER IX. ~Preliminary Remark 107 23,4| in the present Session. ~CHAPTER I. ~The Canons relative 108 23,4| those subject to them. ~CHAPTER II. ~Who are to be promoted 109 23,4| superiors, will punish them. ~CHAPTER III. ~Daily distributions, 110 23,4| contrary notwithstanding. ~CHAPTER IV. ~Those not initiated 111 23,4| not have a voice in the chapter of any Cathedral or Collegiate 112 23,4| not have a voice in the chapter of those churches, even 113 23,4| provision shall be null. ~CHAPTER V. ~Dispensations expedited 114 23,4| surreption or obreption. ~CHAPTER VI ~Last intentions to be 115 23,4| suggests what is false. ~CHAPTER VII. ~The chapter "Romana," 116 23,4| false. ~CHAPTER VII. ~The chapter "Romana," in the sixth ( 117 23,4| shall be ipso jure null. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~Bishops shall execute 118 23,4| contrary, notwithstanding. ~CHAPTER IX. ~Administrators of any 119 23,4| the said administrators. ~CHAPTER X. ~Notaries shall be subject 120 23,4| prohibition of the Ordinary. ~CHAPTER XI. ~Usurpers of the property 121 24,1| THE ERRORS OF OUR TIME. ~CHAPTER I. ~On the institution of 122 24,1| and of retaining sins. ~CHAPTER II. ~On the Seven Orders. ~ 123 24,1| other inferior orders. ~CHAPTER III. ~That Order is truly 124 24,1| and of love of sobriety. ~CHAPTER IV ~On the Ecclesiastical 125 24,2| be at present ordained. ~CHAPTER I. ~The negligence of Pastors 126 24,2| of men, or by desuetude. ~CHAPTER II. ~Those set over Churches 127 24,2| can be conveniently done. ~CHAPTER III. ~Bishops, except in 128 24,2| approved of and examined. ~CHAPTER IV ~Who are to be initiated 129 24,2| from Secular jurisdiction. ~CHAPTER V ~Wherewith those who are 130 24,2| inquiry that has been made. ~CHAPTER VI ~The age of fourteen 131 24,2| availing any one herein. ~CHAPTER VII. ~Those to be ordained 132 24,2| who are to be ordained. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~How, and by whom, 133 24,2| expedient to his own Ordinary. ~CHAPTER IX. ~A bishop ordaining 134 24,2| contrary notwithstanding. ~CHAPTER X. ~Prelates inferior to 135 24,2| letters dimissory from the Chapter, be also extended to those 136 24,2| said letters, not from the Chapter, but from any other persons 137 24,2| the bishop, in lieu of the Chapter. And they who give dimissory 138 24,2| their office and benefice. ~CHAPTER XI. ~The interstices, and 139 24,2| shall require otherwise. ~CHAPTER XII. ~Age required for the 140 24,2| being completely set aside. ~CHAPTER XIII. ~On the conditions 141 24,2| contrary notwithstanding. ~CHAPTER XIV. ~Who are to be raised 142 24,2| ministry (of that order). ~CHAPTER XV. ~No one shall hear confessions, 143 24,2| contrary notwithstanding. ~CHAPTER XVI. ~Those who are ordained 144 24,2| administer the sacraments. ~CHAPTER XVII. ~In what manner the 145 24,2| clerical dress in church. ~CHAPTER XVIII. ~Method of establishing 146 24,2| the advice of two of the Chapter,--of whom one shall be chosen 147 24,2| bishop, and the other by the Chapter itself, and also of two 148 24,2| episcopal revenue, and of the chapter, and of all dignities whatsoever, 149 24,2| of two deputies from the Chapter, and of the same number 150 25,3| REFORMATION OF MARRIAGE~CHAPTER I. ~The form prescribed 151 25,3| made in the said parish. ~CHAPTER II. ~Between whom Spiritual 152 25,3| being utterly set aside. ~CHAPTER III. ~The impediment of 153 25,3| in more remote degrees. ~CHAPTER IV. ~Affinity arising from 154 25,3| afterwards contracted. ~CHAPTER V. ~No one is to marry within 155 25,3| and for a public cause. ~CHAPTER VI. ~Punishments inflicted 156 25,3| discretion of the judge. ~CHAPTER VII. ~Vagrants are to be 157 25,3| from him for so doing. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~Concubinage is severely 158 25,3| remaining in their full force. ~CHAPTER IX. ~Temporal lords, or 159 25,3| freely contracting marriage. ~CHAPTER X. ~The solemnities of marriage 160 25,4| in the present Session. ~CHAPTER I. ~The manner of proceeding 161 25,4| shall be enjoined, by the Chapter, throughout the city and 162 25,4| forgetful of their office. ~CHAPTER II. ~A Provincial Synod 163 25,4| enacted by the sacred canons. ~CHAPTER III. ~In what manner Prelates 164 25,4| who may be deputed by a Chapter, where the Chapter has the 165 25,4| by a Chapter, where the Chapter has the right of visitation, 166 25,4| shall seem most expedient. ~CHAPTER IV. ~By whom, and when, 167 25,4| have their full force. ~CHAPTER V. ~In criminal causes against 168 25,4| the provincial Council. ~CHAPTER VI. ~When and how the Bishop 169 25,4| and not to their vicars. ~CHAPTER VII. ~The virtue of the 170 25,4| in the law of the Lord. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~On public sinners, 171 25,4| reputed as present in choir. ~CHAPTER IX. ~By whom Secular Churches, 172 25,4| contrary notwithstanding. ~CHAPTER X. ~Where visitation and 173 25,4| decreed, or adjudged. ~CHAPTER XI. ~Honorary titles, or 174 25,4| contrary notwithstanding. ~CHAPTER XII. ~What manner of persons 175 25,4| official, but also in the Chapter; otherwise all those promoted 176 25,4| with the advice of the Chapter, shall designate and apportion, 177 25,4| bishop, and the other by the Chapter, shall have power to provide 178 25,4| may be judged expedient. ~CHAPTER XIII. ~In what manner provision 179 25,4| contrary notwithstanding. ~CHAPTER XIV. ~In promotions to benefices, 180 25,4| intention, in regard thereof. ~CHAPTER XV. ~Method of increasing 181 25,4| with the consent of the Chapter, either to unite thereunto 182 25,4| or suspensions whatever. ~CHAPTER XVI. ~What duty devolves 183 25,4| What duty devolves on the Chapter during the vacancy of a 184 25,4| When a See is vacant, the Chapter, in those places where the 185 25,4| metropolitan, or exempted, and the Chapter shall be, as has been said 186 25,4| of the See, were, by the Chapter, or others, appointed in 187 25,4| they should belong to the Chapter itself,-an account of those 188 25,4| quittance or discharge from the Chapter, or those deputed thereby. 189 25,4| those deputed thereby. The Chapter shall also be bound to render 190 25,4| the possession thereof. ~CHAPTER XVII. ~In what case it is 191 25,4| necessities of those who resign. ~CHAPTER XVIII. ~Upon a Parish Church 192 25,4| to provide accordingly. ~CHAPTER XIX. ~Mandates 'de providendo,' 193 25,4| looked upon as abrogated. ~CHAPTER XX. ~The manner of conducting 194 25,4| whatsoever to the contrary. ~CHAPTER XXI. ~It is declared, that, 195 25,5| be treated of the sixth chapter which is now deferred till 196 26,3| following be ordained. ~ ./. CHAPTER I. ~All ReguIars shall order 197 26,3| edifice must needs fall. ~CHAPTER II. ~Property is wholly 198 26,3| his own rule and order. ~CHAPTER III. ~All Monasteries save 199 26,3| being first obtained. ~CHAPTER IV. ~A Regular shall not, 200 26,3| against by the Ordinaries. ~CHAPTER V. ~Provision is made for 201 26,3| compel them to submit. ~CHAPTER VI. ~Manner of choosing 202 26,3| regarded as surreptitious. ~CHAPTER VII. ~In what way, and what 203 26,3| convent, shall be observed. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~In what manner the 204 26,3| delegates of the Apostolic See. ~CHAPTER IX. ~Convents of Nuns immediately 205 26,3| their care and conduct. ~CHAPTER X. ~Nuns shall confess and 206 26,3| whatsoever notwithstanding. ~CHAPTER XI. ~In Monasteries, which 207 26,3| or persons above-named. ~CHAPTER XII. ~Episcopal censures, 208 26,3| even though Regulars. ~CHAPTER XIII. ~The Bishop shall 209 26,3| more strict enclosure. ~CHAPTER XIV. ~By whom punishment 210 26,3| punished by the bishop. ~CHAPTER XV. ~Profession shall not 211 26,3| other effects whatsoever. ~CHAPTER XVI. ~Any renunciation made, 212 26,3| performed in a proper manner. ~CHAPTER XVII. ~If a girl, who is 213 26,3| bishop shall think fit. ~CHAPTER XVIII. ~No one shall, except 214 26,3| constitutions shall be observed. ~CHAPTER XIX. ~How to proceed in 215 26,3| the habit of his order. ~CHAPTER XX. ~Superiors of orders 216 26,3| remain firm and inviolate. ~CHAPTER XXI. ~Over Monasteries, 217 26,3| extending over three years. ~CHAPTER XXII. ~The Decrees touching 218 26,4| DECREE ON REFORMATION.~CHAPTER I. ~Cardinals and all Prelates 219 26,4| themselves the eyes of all men. ~CHAPTER II. ~By whom individually 220 26,4| him most advantageous. ~CHAPTER III. ~The sword of excommunication 221 26,4| as suspected of heresy. ~CHAPTER IV. ~Where the number of 222 26,4| legacies for pious uses. ~CHAPTER V. ~The conditions and obligations 223 26,4| accounted surreptitious. ~CHAPTER VI. ~In what manner the 224 26,4| place: to wit, that the Chapter shall, at the beginning 225 26,4| individuals belong-ing to the Chapter, with whose counsel and 226 26,4| dignity; and in choir, in the chapter, in processions, and other 227 26,4| shall themselves convoke the Chapter, take the votes, and decide 228 26,4| wholly done by those of the Chapter, to whom of right or custom 229 26,4| jurisdiction and power of the Chapter, if any there be belonging 230 26,4| dignities, and are not of the Chapter, they shall all be subject 231 26,4| not intend to derogate. ~CHAPTER VII. ~The Access and Regress 232 26,4| accounted surreptitious. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~What is to be observed 233 26,4| Ordinary, aided by two of the Chapter, experienced in matters 234 26,4| indults of whatever kind. ~CHAPTER IX. ~In what manner a right 235 26,4| immemorial, notwithstanding. ~CHAPTER X. ~Judges, unto whom causes 236 26,4| with the advice of the Chapter, shall substitute another 237 26,4| of the judicial process. ~CHAPTER XI. ~Certain leases of Ecclesiastical 238 26,4| ordinances of the canons. ~CHAPTER XII. ~Tithes to be paid 239 26,4| pastors who watch for them. ~CHAPTER XIII. ~The fourth of Funeral ( 240 26,4| contrary notwithstanding. ~CHAPTER XIV. ~The manner of proceeding 241 26,4| deprivation if need be. ~CHAPTER XV. ~The illegitimate Sons 242 26,4| the said sons of clerics. ~CHAPTER XVI. ~Benefices with cure 243 26,4| restored to its ancient state. ~CHAPTER XVII. ~Bishops shall maintain 244 26,4| honour and due reverence. ~CHAPTER XVIII. ~The Canons shall 245 26,4| esteemed surreptitious. ~CHAPTER XIX. ~Duelling is prohibited 246 26,4| immemorial, notwithstanding. ~CHAPTER XX. ~The Immunities, Liberty, 247 26,4| edification of the people. ~CHAPTER XXI. ~In all things the

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