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Council of Trent

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1 1 | for the Lord's flock in order to maintain the Christian 2 1 | ambassador to us at Rome; in order that those things which 3 3,1| constituted in the priestly order, who are celebrating together 4 5,1| therefore, understand, in what order, and in what manner, the 5 5,2| whatever. ~Furthermore, in order to restrain petulant spirits, 6 6,2| Regulars, of whatsoever order they may be, may not preach 7 6,2| his own, or of another, order: whereas, if he preach heresies, 8 7,1| also the eternal reward, in order to excite their sloth, and 9 7,1| required to co-operate in order to the obtaining the grace 10 7,2| desuetude; and furthermore, in order to the more fixed residence 11 7,2| pretext of a privilege of his order, be accounted, if he transgress, 12 8,1| repaired. With this view, in order to destroy the errors and 13 8,1| Penance, Extreme Unction, Order, and Matrimony; or even 14 8,1| to wit, Confirmation, and Order, there is not imprinted 15 9,1| matters be proceeded with in order, until it shall seem expedient, 16 11,2| memory hereof. ~Whereas, in order to remove the dissensions 17 14,1| by Christ, the Lord, in order to be received: for we believe 18 14,3| jurisdiction of bishops, in order that they may, in accordance 19 14,3| of crimes, ordinarily, in order to avoid punishment, and 20 14,3| the judge, (this Synod) in order to prevent a remedy which 21 14,3| is raised to the sacred order of the priesthood, even 22 14,3| accusations against him, in order that they may annoy him 23 15,1| all times neccessary, in order to attain to grace and justice, 24 15,1| fallen, should be carried, in order that, in accordance with 25 15,1| Wherefore, since the nature and order of a judgment require this, 26 15,3| of old only observed in order to impose a canonical satisfaction; 27 15,3| penitent is not required, in order that the priest may be able 28 15,5| despise the law. But, in order that the said bishops may 29 15,5| monastery of whatsoever order, shall, by virtue of any 30 15,5| exercising the functions of any order, any of his clerics, especially 31 15,5| a dress beseeming their Order. ~And forasmuch as, though 32 15,5| suitable to their proper order, that by the decency of 33 15,5| dress, suitable to their order and dignity, and in conformity 34 15,5| from every ecclesiastical order, benefice, and office. But 35 15,5| that so ecclesiastical order may not be confounded, or 36 15,5| conferred on religious of that order only, or on persons who 37 15,5| Those transferred to another order shall remain under obedience 38 15,5| being transferred from one order to another, ordinarily obtain 39 15,5| prelate or superior of any order shall be allowed, by virtue 40 15,5| his own superior, in the order itself to which he is transferred; 41 15,5| CHAPTER XIV. ~That the Mass, Order, and Reformation, shall 42 15,5| treat of the sacrament of order, and that the subject of 43 16,1| and to the sacrament of order, with the view that, in 44 16,1| of the month of March; in order that they may have sufficient 45 17,1| withdrawn from the Council, in order to provide for their own 46 18,1| Pius IV.; and that, due order being observed, those things 47 19,1| them cognizant thereof; in order that if any person may think 48 22,1| The rest I will set in order when I come. Wherefore, 49 22,2| Forasmuch as the ecclesiastical order ought to be free from every 50 22,2| to the disgrace of their order; and whereas it is well 51 22,2| benefices were established in order to the performance of divine 52 22,2| cases by law permitted. ~In order, also, that the state of 53 22,2| is need, be by him set in order. Wherefore, monasteries 54 22,2| the institutes of their order, and that they keep, and 55 23,1| should rise, according to the order of Melchisedech, our Lord 56 23,1| for ever, according to the order of Melchisedech, He offered 57 23,4| previously constituted in sacred Order, for the space of at least 58 23,4| the superiors of his own order. And all the above-named 59 23,4| initiated into a sacred Order, shall not have a voice 60 23,4| is not constituted in the order of subdeaconship at least, 61 23,6| concerning the sacrament of Order, and the sacrament of Matrimony, & 62 24,1| TOUCHING THE SACRAMENT OF ORDER, DECREED AND PUBLISHED BY 63 24,1| orders. ~CHAPTER III. ~That Order is truly and properly a 64 24,1| one ought to doubt that Order is truly and properly one 65 24,1| forasmuch as in the sacrament of Order, as also in Baptism and 66 24,1| belong to this hierarchial order; that they are placed, as 67 24,1| functions others of an inferior order have no power. Furthermore, 68 24,1| touching the sacrament of Order. But It hath resolved to 69 24,1| the manner following; in order that all men, with the help 70 24,1| truth. ~ON THE SACRAMENT OF ORDER.~CANON I.--If any one saith, 71 24,1| If any one saith, that order, or sacred ordination, is 72 24,1| the other ceremonies of Order; let him be anathema. CANON 73 24,2| of illness, shall confer Order in person. ~Bishops shall 74 24,2| some church by the bishop's order, or lives with the bishop' 75 24,2| future be promoted to the order of subdeaconship before 76 24,2| been promoted to the sacred order of the subdeaconship shall 77 24,2| and are promoted to the order of priesthood, shall have 78 24,2| exercised the ministry (of that order). ~CHAPTER XV. ~No one shall 79 24,2| priories, of whatsoever order, even though Regular, or 80 24,2| of any military body, or order, the brethren of Saint John 81 24,2| the city. ~Furthermore, in order that the teaching in schools 82 24,2| benefices, to regulate and order all and singular the matters 83 25,4| For the state and order of the whole household of 84 25,4| most holy Roman Pontiff, in order that the said Sovereign 85 25,4| until another consistory, in order that the said inquiry may 86 25,4| Church to be frequented in order to hear the word of God. 87 25,4| even in churches of his own order, in opposition to the will 88 25,4| shall be explained. ~In order that the faithful people 89 25,4| soever, even those of the order of Saint John of Jerusalem, 90 25,4| some time in the clerical order, is recommended by the learning 91 25,4| admitted to that sacred order which that dignity, prebend, 92 25,4| of being admitted to that order, within the time prescribed 93 25,4| shall be attached to the order of the priesthood, deaconship, 94 25,4| Whereas ecclesiastical order is perverted when one cleric 95 25,4| whether Regulars,-even of the order of mendicants,-or Seculars, 96 26,2| thanks for those things; may order their own lives and manners 97 26,3| CHAPTER I. ~All ReguIars shall order their lives in accordance 98 26,3| well men, as women, shall order and regulate their lives 99 26,3| peculiar to any rule or order, respectively appertaining 100 26,3| constitutions of his own rule and order. ~CHAPTER III. ~All Monasteries 101 26,3| found to be without the order aforesaid in writing, shall 102 26,3| choosing Regular Superiors.~In order that everything may be conducted 103 26,3| offices whatsoever in that order; and any faculties that 104 26,3| another convent of the same order. But if the superior who 105 26,3| the constitution of each order, or convent, shall be observed. ~ 106 26,3| ordain as to the mode and order of establishing the congregations 107 26,3| which the said bishop shall order to be observed in his own 108 26,3| completed. ~In no religious order whatever, shall the profession, 109 26,3| of any religious body, or order; or entail any other effects 110 26,3| dismissed. In the Religious order of Clerks of the Society 111 26,3| to hinder the Religious Order of Clerks of the Society 112 26,3| rule of that convent and order; and if also the convent 113 26,3| the habit of any religious order, or to make her profession; 114 26,3| entered into a religious order through compulsion and fear ; 115 26,3| of any privilege of his order. Also, no Regular shall, 116 26,3| faculty, be transferred to an order less rigid; nor shall permission 117 26,3| secret the habit of his order. ~CHAPTER XX. ~Superiors 118 26,3| each in his own place and order, visit officially the said 119 26,3| See, and of each several order. And so long as the said 120 26,3| Religious of that same order shall be appointed. ~Whereas 121 26,3| expressly professed of the same order, and capable of guiding 122 26,3| military orders, of the order even (of St. John) of Jerusalem, 123 26,3| with, or dependence on, any order whatsoever, whether of mendicants, 124 26,3| persons belonging to the same order, provide herein. ~The holy 125 26,4| but above all that they so order their whole conversation, 126 26,4| of the proceedings, the order named above. But in all 127 26,4| aforesaid, of whatsoever order, and religious body, and 128 26,4| many is impudently done. In order, therefore, that what reason 129 26,4| benefices, of whatsoever order and dignity they may be, 130 26,4| entailed on the clerical order. To the end, therefore, 131 26,4| imprisonment, suspension from their order, inability to obtain benefices, 132 26,4| eyes their own rank and order, they every where bear in 133 27 | of what estate, grade, order and dignity soever, they 134 27 | interdict such. Furthermore, in order to avoid the perversion 135 27 | ecclesiastics, of whatsoever order, condition, and rank they

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