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134 sacrament
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Council of Trent

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1 1 | power, offered in a special manner both unobstructed access, 2 1 | that assembly in a proper manner under the divine assistance,-- 3 1 | of Germany in a special manner; for as it is principally 4 1 | better and more com-modious manner, treat of, and, with the 5 3,1| DECREE TOUCHING THE MANNER OF LIVING, AND OTHER MATTERS 6 3,1| most prompt and prudent manner, the things to be condemned, 7 5,1| what order, and in what manner, the said Synod, after having 8 5,2| printed in the most correct manner possible; and that it shall 9 6,2| monks, let there be in like manner a lecture on sacred Scripture, 10 6,2| flourish, let there be in like manner a lectureship of sacred 11 6,2| and all those who in any manner soever hold any parochial, 12 7,1| the impious, and of the Manner thereof under the law of 13 7,1| of God. ~CHAPTER VI. ~The manner of Preparation. ~Now they ( 14 7,1| CHAPTER VIII. ~In what manner it is to be understood, 15 7,1| the grace lost: for this manner of Justification is of the 16 7,1| have been justified in this manner,-whether they have preserved 17 7,1| is justified are in such manner the gifts of God, as that 18 7,2| appoint and ordain in the manner following:-If any one, by 19 7,2| fruits to be applied in like manner. But if the contumacy proceed 20 8,1| all but one, in a given manner and time. ~No one, by whatsoever 21 8,1| whatsoever, in whatsoever manner exempted; and to provide 22 8,1| shall take care that all manner of hospitals, even those 23 8,3| or otherwise in any other manner, We, of our proper motion, 24 9,1| doth it please you, in like manner, to decree and declare, 25 10,1| being observed in the usual manner; (the Synod) ,-for causes 26 14,1| his own substance, by a manner of existing, which, though 27 14,3| they happen to sin in any manner through human frailty, that 28 14,3| require. ~CHAPTER IV. ~In what manner clerics are, on account 29 15,1| enjoined to be made in this manner, is impossible, or to call 30 15,1| For the rest, as to the manner of confessing secretly to 31 15,1| forgiven, but is after the manner of a judicial act, whereby 32 15,1| refuted in the plainest manner possible. And truly the 33 15,1| received into grace in one manner; and in another those who, 34 15,3| right; or saith, that the manner of confessing secretly to 35 15,5| secret crime, or in what manner soever, even extra-judicially; 36 15,5| Christian people, and being in a manner wanderers, having no fixed 37 15,5| so promoted shall in like manner be suspended from the exercise 38 15,5| or in possession of any manner of dignities, personates, 39 15,5| to be ordained: in what manner involuntary homicides are 40 16,2| and enlarging it in the manner following,- certifies to 41 18,1| the Holy Ghost, be, all manner of suspension removed, celebrated 42 21,1| proceed in a more befitting manner, and with greater deliberation; 43 22,2| for the collation of any manner of orders, not even for 44 22,2| the cure of souls.--The manner of erecting new parishes 45 22,2| provide for them in some other manner, setting aside any appeal 46 22,2| cause to be observed, the manner of life required by the 47 23,1| immolated in an unbloody manner, who once offered Himself 48 23,1| offered Himself in a bloody manner on the altar of the cross; 49 23,1| Himself on the cross, the manner alone of offering being 50 23,1| be administered in a holy manner, and of all holy things 51 23,3| shall wholly prohibit all manner of conditions and bargains 52 23,4| divide the third part of any manner of fruits and proceeds of 53 23,4| distribution, and shall acquire no manner of property therein, but 54 23,4| portions, and any other manner of benefices whatever, to 55 23,4| persons; shall visit all manner of pious places, if not 56 23,4| have a right to visit all manner of hospitals, colleges, 57 23,5| provided for in the best manner,--decreed, that the whole 58 24,1| exercised in a more worthy manner, and with greater veneration, 59 24,1| specific canons, in the manner following; in order that 60 24,2| but abandon it after the manner of hirelings; the sacred 61 24,2| for the causes and in the manner subjoined. For whereas Christian 62 24,2| able to be suspended by any manner of privilege soever, license, 63 24,2| even upon the ground of any manner of benefice,--by any compact, 64 24,2| that they have chosen this manner of life, that they may render 65 24,2| necessary, or in some other manner, judged capable; and has 66 24,2| CHAPTER XVII. ~In what manner the exercise of the minor 67 24,2| homilies of the saints; the manner of administering the sacraments, 68 24,2| one of whom shall in like manner be with the bishop, and 69 24,2| reprove and to compel in like manner the archbishop, and sedulously 70 25,3| That relationship, in like manner, which is contracted by 71 25,3| prohibited degrees: in what manner dispensation is to be granted 72 25,3| to be treated in a holy manner. ~ 73 25,4| Session. ~CHAPTER I. ~The manner of proceeding to the creation 74 25,4| Cardinals. ~If, as regards all manner of degrees in the Church, 75 25,4| flock, in a most useful manner provide those churches therewith, 76 25,4| CHAPTER III. ~In what manner Prelates are to make their 77 25,4| bishop to dispense in all manner of irregularities and suspensions, 78 25,4| shall first explain, in a manner suited to the capacity of 79 25,4| notwithstanding. ~CHAPTER XII. ~What manner of persons those ought to 80 25,4| Cum in cunctis. ~In like manner archdeacons, who are called 81 25,4| lawful, by virtue of any manner of statute or custom whatsoever, 82 25,4| regarding the suitable manner of conducting the divine 83 25,4| CHAPTER XIII. ~In what manner provision is to be made 84 25,4| fruits of which are in like manner so slight that they are 85 25,4| future be burthened with any manner of pensions, or reservations 86 25,4| aside or hindered by any manner of provision whatsoever, 87 25,4| be made in some suitable manner, as may seem fit to the 88 25,4| a Parish Priest: in what manner and by whom those nominated 89 25,4| Roman Court, or in any other manner whatsoever, though it may 90 25,4| were possessed of in any manner whatsoever, even before 91 25,4| abrogated. ~CHAPTER XX. ~The manner of conducting causes, appertaining 92 25,4| used previously, the usual manner of treating business in 93 25,4| foregoing words, the usual manner of treating matters in general 94 26,1| uneducated multitude. In like manner, such things as are uncertain, 95 26,1| discharged, not in a perfunctory manner, but diligently and accurately, 96 26,3| use of moveables, in such manner as that the furniture of 97 26,3| possess anything in any other manner, he shall be deprived during 98 26,3| to submit. ~CHAPTER VI. ~Manner of choosing Regular Superiors.~ 99 26,3| in the election of all manner of superiors, temporary 100 26,3| In what way, and what manner of, persons are to be chosen 101 26,3| years in a praiseworthy manner, after having made her profession. 102 26,3| those years in an upright manner. But no individual shall 103 26,3| CHAPTER VIII. ~In what manner the regulation of Monasteries, 104 26,3| but if made in any other manner, even though with the express 105 26,3| be performed in a proper manner. ~CHAPTER XVII. ~If a girl, 106 26,3| shall, by virtue of any manner of faculty, be transferred 107 26,4| that in the rest of their manner of living, and in their 108 26,4| visited and reformed in the manner aforesaid, and as shall 109 26,4| if he think fit. ~In like manner in criminal causes, wherein 110 26,4| most complete and useful manner possible, empowers bishops 111 26,4| been established in this manner, in such sort that, in no 112 26,4| surreptitious. ~CHAPTER VI. ~In what manner the Bishop ought to act 113 26,4| done away with ; in what manner, to whom, and for what cause, 114 26,4| churches, and as regards all manner of persons soever, even 115 26,4| the cardinalate. ~In like manner, as regards coadjutorships 116 26,4| Hospitals. By whom, and in what manner, the negligence of administrators 117 26,4| regulate the matter in a useful manner. ~Wherefore, if all and 118 26,4| kind. ~CHAPTER IX. ~In what manner a right of patronage is 119 26,4| in any way, nor for any manner of cause or occasion, meddle 120 26,4| other persons. ~In like manner also whatsoever rights of 121 26,4| notwithstanding. ~CHAPTER XIV. ~The manner of proceeding against Clerics 122 26,4| incapable and unworthy of any manner of honours, dignities, benefices 123 26,4| estate, do in no slight manner disgrace the pontifical 124 26,4| sound and safe from all manner of adverse attempts; besides 125 26,4| munificence, in a special manner advanced the interests of 126 27 | and ordained in an obscure manner, and it shall appear to 127 27 | Synod has Itself in like manner decreed ; being prepared, 128 27 | all the provinces, in such manner as shall seem to Us most

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