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ceremonies 9
ceremony 1
certa 1
certain 107
certainly 2
certainty 4
certified 1
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111 nor
111 upon
110 should
107 certain
107 decree
106 session
106 themselves

Council of Trent

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1 1 | unless we would submit to certain conditions,--as described 2 1 | called upon to declare that certain of the articles, maintained 3 1 | place of the council,--as by certain constitutions has been aforetime 4 1 | officers of our court, or by certain public notaries; and, after 5 7,1| the unity of the Church, a certain erroneous doctrine disseminated 6 7,1| moved against sins by a certain hatred and detestation, 7 7,1| but he that believes for certain that he is absolved and 8 7,1| predestination, as to determine for certain that he is assuredly in 9 7,1| promise himself any thing as certain with an absolute certainty; 10 7,1| also to the subtle wits of certain men, who, by pleasing speeches 11 7,1| sins, that he believe for certain, and without any wavering 12 7,1| saith, that he will for certain, of an absolute and infallible 13 7,2| seeing that it is most certain that, if the wolf have devoured 14 8,1| received through faith, and certain marks of the Christian profession, 15 8,1| a character, that is, a certain spiritual and indelible 16 8,1| soever, unless it shall be certain that they have been made 17 8,1| of by the Ordinary; with certain exceptions. ~Persons presented, 18 8,3| Trent, and which was, for certain other reasons at that time 19 8,3| of our proper motion, and certain knowledge, and the plenitude 20 9,1| plainly and notoriously certain, that the prelates cannot 21 9,1| the said congregations by certain of the Fathers; doth it 22 11,1| to this present day, for certain reasons, and especially 23 11,2| deliberation, and of our own certain knowledge, and the plenitude 24 14,1| they should be wrested, by certain contentions and wicked men, 25 14,1| celebrated, every year, on a certain day, and that a festival; 26 14,1| most just that there be certain appointed holy days, whereon 27 14,3| therein,-purposing to ordain certain things which relate to the 28 14,3| secular court; in which case a certain number of bishops is, according 29 14,3| notwithstanding seem probable enough, certain persons fraudulently obtain 30 14,5| security, they desire that certain judges be deputed on their 31 15,1| there has been, through a certain kind of necessity, on account 32 15,1| sacrament, it is beyond doubt certain that the minister of baptism 33 15,1| c: to which words indeed certain prayers are, according to 34 15,1| that they flowed from a certain vehement hatred of their 35 15,1| and knowingly keep back certain sins, such set nothing before 36 15,1| of consciences: for it is certain, that in the Church nothing 37 15,1| the Christian people, that certain more atrocious and more 38 15,1| their special judgment, certain more grievous cases of crimes. 39 15,1| penitents, by enjoining certain very light works for very 40 15,5| punishment. ~And forasmuch as certain bishops of churches which 41 15,5| them to promote during a certain time such as come unto them, 42 15,5| Conservators is confined within certain limits. ~Moreover, whereas 43 15,5| possessions, and rights, obtain certain judges to be deputed by 44 17,2| then for Vicenza, he, for certain reasons expressed in his 45 17,2| celebration had been, for certain reasons, then also postponed, 46 17,2| Sessions had been held, and certain decrees made, the said Council 47 17,2| Council afterwards, for certain reasons, with the concurrence 48 17,2| of Trent, at which time certain other decrees were made. 49 17,2| officers of our court, or by certain public notaries; and that 50 22,1| the devil, spread abroad certain monstrous errors, by reason 51 22,1| when, after having ordained certain things touching the use 52 22,1| is to be conceded under certain conditions ; and what are 53 22,2| it be first legitimately certain, that he is in the peaceful 54 22,2| be received, unless it be certain that he can live conveniently 55 23,1| accustomed at times to celebrate, certain masses in honour and memory 56 23,1| highest degree savour of a certain holiness and piety, and 57 23,1| Mother Church instituted certain rites, to wit that certain 58 23,1| certain rites, to wit that certain things be pronounced in 59 23,3| observance of a fixed number of certain masses and of candles, as 60 23,5| is to be conceded under certain conditions; and what are 61 24,1| and minor, by which, as by certain steps, advance is made unto 62 24,2| XI. ~The interstices, and certain other regulations, to be 63 24,2| wander about without any certain abode. And if he shall quit 64 24,2| ecclesiastical discipline, a certain number of youths of their 65 24,2| institution. And forasmuch as some certain revenues will be necessary, 66 24,2| the clergy,--shall take a certain part or portion, out of 67 24,2| portion so deducted, as also a certain number of simple benefices, 68 24,2| cannot be established in certain (churches) thereof; the 69 25,2| solemnization of marriages at certain times of the year, is a 70 25,3| honesty is confined within certain limits. ~The holy Synod 71 25,3| marriage are prohibited at certain times. ~The holy Synod enjoins, 72 25,4| elsewhere usefully ordained certain things touching those who 73 25,4| power of) visitation in certain churches, shall henceforth 74 25,4| compulsory causes, that certain persons be distinguished 75 25,4| are to be distinguished by certain boundaries. ~Forasmuch as 76 25,4| Pontiff may provide, out of certain benefices, for those bishops 77 25,4| in need of being aided by certain fruits; provided however 78 25,4| general Chapters, or to certain visitors. ~In parish churches 79 25,4| parish churches have not any certain boundaries, neither have 80 25,4| distributions, there are introduced certain conditions, or deductions 81 25,4| deductions from the fruits, certain payments, promises, unlawful 82 25,4| either to unite thereunto certain simple benefices, not however 83 25,4| holy Roman Church, or of certain abbots, or chapters; it 84 25,4| be deputed as examiners, certain clerics as capable of governing 85 25,4| university whatsoever, even for a certain sum, and any other impediments 86 25,4| of an indult, or up to a certain sum, or under any other 87 25,4| It is declared, that, by certain words used previously, the 88 25,5| time will allow thereof, certain dogmas may also be treated 89 26,1| those things which tend to a certain kind of curiosity or superstition, 90 26,2| as he has obtained some certain information in regard to 91 26,3| departed from; it being certain, that those things which 92 26,3| and shall there depute certain Regulars to deliberate and 93 26,3| previously examined, with certain exceptions. ~In monasteries, 94 26,3| Councils shall, by deputing certain persons belonging to the 95 26,4| excommunications, which, after certain admonitions, are wont to 96 26,4| consequence of other regulations, certain qualifications are required, 97 26,4| qualifications are required, or certain obligations are attached 98 26,4| Roman Pontiff; and it is certain, that all those qualifications 99 26,4| instituted to receive a certain class of pilgrims, or of 100 26,4| there shall be designated certain persons who have the qualifications 101 26,4| judicial process. ~CHAPTER XI. ~Certain leases of Ecclesiastical 102 26,4| or rights are prohibited; certain other such leases are annulled. ~ 103 26,4| Clerics are excluded from certain Benefices and Pensions. ~ 104 26,4| sorely grieve at hearing that certain bishops, forgetful of their 105 26,4| precedent, rather than upon any certain discrimination in regard 106 26,9| Pius IV., commissioned certain chosen Fathers to consider 107 27 | read in a loud voice by certain officers of our court; and

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