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Council of Trent

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1 6,2| fruits of their prebends and benefices. ~CHAPTER II. ~On Preachers 2 6,2| out of the fruits of the benefices, to some other person to 3 7,2| commendam, any ecclesiastical benefices requiring personal residence 4 8,1| deemed vacant. ~CHAPTER III. ~Benefices shall be conferred solely 5 8,1| Inferior Ecclesiastical Benefices, especially such as have 6 8,1| The retainer of several Benefices contrary to the Canons, 7 8,1| incompatible Ecclesiastical Benefices, whether by way of union 8 8,1| jure deprived of the said benefices, according to the disposition 9 8,1| The holders of several Benefices with cure of souls shall 10 8,1| incompatible, Ecclesiastical Benefices to exhibit their dispensations; 11 8,1| CHAPTER VI. ~What unions of Benefices shall be accounted valid. ~ 12 8,1| United Ecclesiastical Benefices shall be visited: the cure 13 8,1| property. ~Ecclesiastical Benefices with cures, which are found 14 8,1| churches, or to monasteries, benefices, colleges, or other pious 15 8,1| admitted to any ecclesiastical benefices whatsoever, even under the 16 15,5| sacred Orders, or holding benefices, do not wear a dress beseeming 17 15,5| personates, or other offices, or benefices ecclesiastical; if, after 18 15,5| and proceeds of the said benefices; and also, if, after having 19 15,5| of the said offices and benefices; pursuant to the constitution 20 15,5| upon him any ecclesiastical benefices, even though they have no 21 15,5| effect. ~CHAPTER IX. ~The Benefices of one Diocese shall not, 22 15,5| pretext, be united to the Benefices of another Diocese. ~And 23 15,5| are subject thereunto; the benefices of one diocese, be they 24 15,5| perpetual vicarages, simple benefices, prestimonies, or prestimonial 25 15,5| unions. ~CHAPTER X. ~Regular Benefices shall be conferred on Regulars. ~ 26 15,5| conferred on Regulars. ~Benefices of Regulars that have been 27 15,5| be incapable of Secular Benefices. ~But forasmuch as Regulars, 28 15,5| wholly incapable of Secular Benefices, even of cures. ~CHAPTER 29 15,5| one, in any way, to the benefices which are under his right 30 22,2| serve is punished. ~Whereas benefices were established in order 31 22,2| administered, and of other benefices with or without cure, with ( 32 22,2| though the said churches, or benefices, be generally or specially 33 22,2| may be deprived of their benefices. ~Forasmuch as illiterate 34 22,2| to deprive them of their benefices, according to the constitutions 35 22,2| is not in vigour, and all benefices so ever, shall be by bishops 36 23,4| duties of those who hold Benefices therein. ~Whosoever being 37 23,4| and any other manner of benefices whatever, to which various 38 23,4| shall be deprived of all benefices whatsoever, and be rendered 39 24,2| the revenues of any simple benefices, or those of the fabric 40 24,2| Quia contingit; and of all benefices whatsoever, even those belonging 41 24,2| certain number of simple benefices, of whatsoever quality and 42 24,2| effect, even though the benefices be reserved or appropriated 43 24,2| application of the said benefices be suspended, or in any 44 24,2| compel the possessors of benefices, dignities, personates, 45 24,2| deducted as above from all benefices and incorporated by the 46 24,2| character of the churches and benefices, to regulate and order all 47 24,3| and other ecclesiastical benefices, and divers articles of 48 25,4| the Ordinaries in visiting benefices, even though exempted, the 49 25,4| who hold ecclesiastical benefices, in so far as those benefices 50 25,4| benefices, in so far as those benefices are concerned; but such 51 25,4| who are promoted to any benefices whatsoever having cure of 52 25,4| provide, out of certain benefices, for those bishops who, 53 25,4| provided however those benefices be not cures, nor dignities, 54 25,4| the exigency by a union of benefices, not however those belonging 55 25,4| or to any other simple benefices, hospitals, or military 56 25,4| CHAPTER XIV. ~In promotions to benefices, or in admissions into possession 57 25,4| those modes of entering (on benefices) which carry with them a 58 25,4| thereunto certain simple benefices, not however such as belong 59 25,4| ordained, and to hold several benefices at the same time; the holy 60 25,4| churches, but also to all other benefices whatsoever, whether Secular 61 25,4| churches, as also all the benefices which they hold, shall be 62 25,4| after they have resigned the benefices which they were possessed 63 25,4| regard of future vacancies in benefices, nor indults which apply 64 25,4| though they may relate to benefices, shall be taken cognizance 65 26,4| who hold ecclesiastical benefices, whether Secular or Regular, 66 26,4| hereafter hold, ecclesiastical benefices, and whose duty it is to 67 26,4| or even by deprivation of benefices, and other remedies at law. 68 26,4| and obligations imposed on Benefices shall be observed. ~Reason 69 26,4| erection or foundation of any benefices, or in consequence of other 70 26,4| whatsoever in regard of the said benefices. The same also shall be 71 26,4| and Regress in regard of Benefices are done away with ; in 72 26,4| as regards ecclesiastical benefices, whatsoever carries with 73 26,4| regard of all ecclesiastical benefices whatsoever, and even in 74 26,4| regard of any ecclesiastical benefices whatsoever. But if at any 75 26,4| hold any ecclesiastical benefices, whether Secular or Regular, 76 26,4| patrons. Unions of free benefices, to churches under right 77 26,4| pretext, ecclesiastical benefices be reduced to a state of 78 26,4| patronage, in regard to benefices, as well Secular as Regular, 79 26,4| dignities, or any other benefices whatsoever, in a cathedral 80 26,4| elect, present to the said benefices when they become vacant, 81 26,4| followed thereupon. And benefices of this kind shall be conferred, 82 26,4| void. ~But the patrons of benefices, of whatsoever order and 83 26,4| rents, or revenues of any benefices whatsoever, even though 84 26,4| whatsoever, even though those benefices be truly, by foundation 85 26,4| by way of union of free benefices with churches that are subject 86 26,4| churches be parochial, or benefices of any other kind whatsoever, 87 26,4| such wise that the free benefices aforesaid are made to be 88 26,4| into execution, but the benefices themselves so united shall, 89 26,4| declared invalid, and the benefices themselves shall be separated, 90 26,4| churches, and any other benefices of whatsoever kind, even 91 26,4| and they shall restore benefices of this kind to their former 92 26,4| and proceeds of all their benefices whatsoever, and pensions; 93 26,4| fruits and proceeds of their benefices and pensions, which shall 94 26,4| the administration of the benefices themselves, for as long 95 26,4| of their ecclesiastical benefices, portions, offices, and 96 26,4| manner of honours, dignities, benefices and offices, until, after 97 26,4| have not ecclesiastical benefices or pensions, they shall, 98 26,4| order, inability to obtain benefices, or in other ways, conformably 99 26,4| are excluded from certain Benefices and Pensions. ~That the 100 26,4| pensions out of the revenues of benefices which their fathers hold, 101 26,4| this present time, to hold benefices in the same church; the 102 26,4| clerics. ~CHAPTER XVI. ~Benefices with cure shall not be converted 103 26,4| be converted into simple Benefices: a suitable portion of the 104 26,4| those Secular ecclesiastical benefices, by whatsoever name they 105 26,4| effect. But, as regards those benefices wherein, contrary to the

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