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Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 6,2| the churches of their own orders, unless they have been examined 2 6,2| are not those of their own orders, besides the license of 3 6,2| belong not to their own orders: but bishops shall grant 4 7,2| from the exercise of their orders. ~INDICTION OF THE NEXT 5 8,1| been constituted in minor orders, shall not enjoy any clerical 6 8,1| constituted in the greater orders shall be, ipso jure, suspended 7 8,1| for being promoted (to orders) by any prelate whatsoever, 8 8,1| for not being promoted (to orders) shall avail for a year 9 14,3| be degraded from sacred Orders. ~And whereas crimes so 10 14,3| to be deposed from sacred orders, and delivered over to a 11 14,3| the said ecclesiastical orders and degrees, in the cases 12 15,5| or suspended, advance to orders, they shall be punished. ~ 13 15,5| whom the ascent to sacred orders shall have been interdicted 14 15,5| been suspended from his own orders, or ecclesiastical degrees 15 15,5| any restoration to former orders, degrees, dignities and 16 15,5| bishop shall confer any orders whatsoever on one not subject 17 15,5| promote even to the sacred orders of the priesthood, any that 18 15,5| promote to any sacred or minor orders, or even to the first tonsure, 19 15,5| from the exercise of the orders so received, for as long 20 15,5| from the exercise of the orders received, and may interdict 21 15,5| those who are in sacred orders, who have been, without 22 15,5| clerics, who, being in sacred Orders, or holding benefices, do 23 15,5| who are either in sacred orders or in possession of any 24 15,5| by suspension from their orders, office, benefice, and from 25 15,5| never be promoted to sacred orders; nor shall it be lawful 26 15,5| for the ministry of sacred orders, and of the altar, and for 27 15,5| against such as are in sacred orders,--be they guilty of crime 28 22,2| Bishops shall both confer orders, and give dimissory letters 29 22,2| nor others, who confer orders, nor their ministers, shall, 30 22,2| collation of any manner of orders, not even for the clerical 31 22,2| the collation of the said orders. For in this case the Synod 32 22,2| are excluded from sacred Orders. ~Whereas it beseems not 33 22,2| are admitted to sacred orders almost without any selection 34 22,2| shall be promoted to sacred orders, unless it be first legitimately 35 23,4| to receive the requisite orders within a year, whatsoever 36 23,4| in person the aforesaid orders on the appointed days, and 37 23,4| from the exercise of his orders, at the discretion of his 38 24,1| CHAPTER II. ~On the Seven Orders. ~And whereas the ministry 39 24,1| should be several and diverse orders of ministers, to minister 40 24,1| virtue of their office; orders so distributed as that those 41 24,1| the lesser to the greater orders. For the sacred Scriptures 42 24,1| the names of the following orders, and the ministrations proper 43 24,1| classed amongst the greater orders by the Fathers and sacred 44 24,1| read of the other inferior orders. ~CHAPTER III. ~That Order 45 24,1| priests, and of the other orders, neither the consent, nor 46 24,1| the Catholic Church other orders, both greater and minor, 47 24,1| and to priests; or, that orders, conferred by them, without 48 24,2| shall themselves confer orders; but, should they be prevented 49 24,2| to be promoted to minor orders shall have a good testimonial 50 24,2| to any one of the greater orders, they shall, a month before 51 24,2| being constituted in minor orders, shall be able to hold a 52 24,2| were to receive the greater orders. As regards married clerks, 53 24,2| Ordinations of sacred orders shall be celebrated publicly, 54 24,2| suspended from conferring orders during a year, and he who 55 24,2| suspended from exercising the orders which he has received, for 56 24,2| give the tonsure, or minor orders, save to Regulars their 57 24,2| confer the tonsure, or minor orders on any one who is not a 58 24,2| observed in receiving minor orders. ~The minor orders shall 59 24,2| minor orders. ~The minor orders shall not be given but to 60 24,2| priests and the superior orders, and by a more frequent 61 24,2| And whereas from these orders is the entrance unto higher 62 24,2| the entrance unto higher orders and to the most sacred mysteries, 63 24,2| as worthy of the greater orders. And such shall not be promoted 64 24,2| not be promoted to sacred orders till a year after the reception 65 24,2| the last degree of minor orders; unless necessity, or the 66 24,2| Age required for the major orders; the deserving only to be 67 24,2| admitted to the aforesaid orders, but those only who are 68 24,2| no one shall two sacred Orders be conferred on the same 69 24,2| been already tried in minor orders, and are instructed in letters, 70 24,2| to the exercise of their orders, shall be ordained subdeacons 71 24,2| judge otherwise. Two sacred orders shall not be conferred on 72 24,2| exercise of his sacred (orders). Furthermore, no cleric, 73 24,2| the exercise of the minor orders is to be restored. ~That 74 24,2| That the functions of holy orders, from the deacon to the 75 24,2| are actually in the said orders; and It exhorts in the Lord 76 24,2| functions of the four minor orders, their place may be supplied 77 25,2| clerics constituted in sacred orders, or Regulars, who have solemnly 78 25,4| of servants to military orders, monasteries, hospitals, 79 25,4| aforesaid places, or in military orders, and who reside within their 80 25,4| rules of the said military orders, whereof the Ordinary must 81 25,4| Jerusalem, and of other military orders. But, as regards those privileges 82 25,4| those respective sacred orders is for the future to be 83 25,4| hospitals, or military orders; and those so united shall 84 25,4| present decree,-which It orders to be observed in regard 85 26,3| and visitors have in other orders; and they shall be bound 86 26,3| generals, or the heads of orders, have their usual principal 87 26,3| CHAPTER XX. ~Superiors of orders not subject to bishops shall 88 26,3| Abbots, who are heads of orders, and the other Superiors 89 26,3| Superiors of the aforesaid orders, who are not subject to 90 26,3| to the heads of their own orders, the holy Synod declares 91 26,3| over monasteries of the orders aforesaid shall be bound 92 26,3| visitors, and to execute their orders. ~Also, those monasteries 93 26,3| themselves which are the heads of orders, shall be visited conformably 94 26,3| the visitors of the said orders, priors claustral, or sub-prior 95 26,3| faculties of the above-named orders, as regards the persons, 96 26,3| the heads and chiefs of orders, be the filiations thereof 97 26,3| is peculiar to the said orders, or to resign; otherwise 98 26,3| conduct of the military orders, of the order even (of St. 99 26,3| Superiors of the above-named orders ; that they forthwith put 100 26,4| of Carthage, It not only orders that bishops be content 101 26,4| likewise abbots and generals of orders in their general Chapters, 102 26,4| said qualifications and orders ; and any provision made 103 26,4| priests, and the superior orders; nor permit that their officers,

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