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godly 4
going 3
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good 86
goodness 3
goods 6
gospel 16
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89 do
89 otherwise
88 whereas
86 good
86 had
85 christian
83 both

Council of Trent

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1 1 | result. For so hath it seemed good to the Lord our God, who, 2 1 | and so confirmed us in our good hope, that we believed that 3 1 | general council during our own good pleasure, and that of the 4 1 | with great show of mutual good will towards each other; 5 1 | hold that council with the good wishes and favour of the 6 1 | looking forward to those good wishes, whilst watching 7 1 | time, for the time of thy good pleasure, 0 God, we were 8 1 | the will of God, and the good of the Christian commonweal. 9 1 | weakness. For, upon engaging in good works, it often happens, 10 1 | conducive to the common good, to their own welfare, and 11 1 | religion; the restoration of good and the correction of evil 12 4,1| this council has thought good, that the Symbol of faith 13 7,1| that seek him; and, Be of good faith, son, thy sins are 14 7,1| faith co-operating with good works, increase in that 15 7,1| Labour the more that by good works you may make sure 16 7,1| venially at least, in every good work; or, which is yet more 17 7,1| grace, as he has begun the good work, so will he perfect 18 7,1| by pleasing speeches and good words, seduce the hearts 19 7,1| that is, on the merit of good works, and on the nature 20 7,1| Apostle: Abound in every good work, knowing that your 21 7,1| faithfully rendered to their good works and merits. For this 22 7,1| accompanies and follows their good works, which without it 23 7,1| so much is attributed to good works, that Christ promises, 24 7,1| justified, it hath seemed good to the holy Synod to subjoin 25 7,1| as well as those that are good, not permissively only, 26 7,1| increased before God through good works; but that the said 27 7,1| one saith, that, in every good work, the just sins venially 28 7,1| just ought not, for their good works done in God, to expect 29 7,1| justified sins when he performs good works with a view to an 30 7,1| any one saith, that the good works of one that is justified 31 7,1| that they are not also the good merits of him that is justified; 32 7,1| the said justified, by the good works which he performs 33 7,2| affairs; it hath seemed good to the sacred and holy Synod 34 7,2| the church, it hath seemed good to appoint and ordain in 35 7,2| shall seem expedient for the good government of the churches 36 8,1| reformation, has thought good to ordain as follows,-saving 37 8,1| deem it expedient for the good of the churches that it 38 10,1| doth resolve, that it is good, opportunie, and expedient, 39 11,1| was prorogued during the good pleasure of the sacred Council. ~ ./. 40 11,2| Christian world, it seems good, opportune, and expedient,- 41 14,1| repudiated, it hath seemed good to the holy Synod to subjoin 42 14,3| agree, and they be of a good life, in good esteem and 43 14,3| they be of a good life, in good esteem and reputation; and 44 14,5| articles as to them shall seem good, and to confer and dispute, 45 14,5| hath furthermore seemed good to the holy Synod, that 46 15,1| confers grace without any good motion on the part of those 47 15,2| UNCTION~It hath also seemed good to the holy Synod, to subjoin, 48 15,5| forasmuch as it is with very good reason that dioceses and 49 16,2| forthwith be able at their good pleasure,- to return freely 50 16,2| and security shall stand good and endure, both from and 51 16,2| things,- It promises and in good faith pledges Itself, shall 52 16,2| promises in sincere and good faith, without fraud or 53 17,1| the blessing of the all good and all powerful God, the 54 17,2| But at length the Lord, good and merciful, who is never 55 17,2| Almighty God, and for the good of the Universal Church, 56 19,1| disorder; It hath thought good, that Fathers specially 57 19,3| forthwith be able at their good pleasure, to return freely 58 19,3| these securities shall stand good and endure, both from and 59 19,3| things It promises, and in good faith pledges Itself, shall 60 19,3| promises in sincere and good faith, without fraud or 61 20,1| has, for cerain just and good reasons, thought fit to 62 23,1| as it comprises all the good things signified by those 63 23,4| proceeded with, has thought good that the following things 64 24,1| things which it hath seemed good to the sacred Synod to teach 65 24,2| and by the example of all good works, to feed them; to 66 24,2| minor orders shall have a good testimonial from their parish 67 24,2| by the example of their good conduct, by their assiduous 68 24,2| same day. ~Such as have a good testimonial, and have been 69 24,2| priesthood, shall have a good testimonial, and be persons 70 24,2| that a shining example of good works and a lesson how to 71 24,2| for promoting the common good of the Church; for the Synod 72 25,4| enabled to obtain from God a good pastor. ~And as regards 73 25,4| than to study to promote good pastors, and such as are 74 25,4| and competent testimony of good and learned men on the subject 75 25,4| church, above all things, good and fit pastors; and this 76 25,4| banishing heresies; to maintain good morals, and to correct such 77 25,4| their subjects, and for the good of their respective dioceses. 78 26,2| God for men; that it is good and useful suppliantly to 79 26,4| honour and worship, and the good of the churches, in those 80 26,4| they grudge not, out of the good things that are given them 81 26,4| amendment of life, it shall seem good to their superiors, for 82 26,4| expedient for the public good, to relax at times the restraint 83 26,4| and at times a greater good, shall require that some 84 26,8| all pastors, that, like good soldiers, they sedulously 85 27 | solemn processions in this good city, which were assisted 86 27 | committed to the press in our good city, that so it may be

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