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Council of Trent

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1 1 | proper manner under the divine assistance,--that it was 2 1 | human councils fail in, the divine power accomplishes. Wherefore, 3 1 | assemble there to hear the divine service, it be publicly 4 3,1| there, the reading of the divine Scriptures be introduced, 5 7,1| excited and assisted by divine grace, conceiving faith 6 7,1| themselves, from the fear of divine justice whereby they are 7 7,1| which, assuredly, with the divine help, they can do. For, 8 7,1| regards the secret mystery of divine predestination, as to determine 9 7,1| defending the doctrine of the divine law, which excludes from 10 7,1| which, with the help of divine grace, they can refrain, 11 7,1| God, fully satisfied the divine law according to the state 12 7,1| else but confidence in the divine mercy which remits sins 13 7,1| grace, as being, by the divine power, predestined unto 14 7,1| doing and in keeping the divine commandments; let him be 15 7,2| and things human before divine, wander about in various 16 8,1| decreed; intending, the divine Spirit aiding, to publish 17 8,1| that faith alone in the divine promise suffices for the 18 14,1| here, on this venerable and divine sacrament of the Eucharist, 19 14,1| it were the riches of His divine love towards man, making 20 14,1| for so ineffable and truly divine a benefit, whereby the victory 21 14,1| as to approach to this divine table clothed with the wedding 22 14,4| salvation, and be prescribed of divine right, that all the faithful 23 15,1| labours on our parts, the divine justice demanding this; 24 15,1| united with confidence in the divine mercy, and with the desire 25 15,1| instituted by the Lord, and is of divine right necessary for all 26 15,1| such set nothing before the divine bounty to be forgiven through 27 15,1| this is not commanded by a divine precept; neither would it 28 15,1| confession is alien from the divine command, and is a human 29 15,1| and to be instituted of divine right,--but that the precept 30 15,1| But it is consonant to the divine authority, that this reservation 31 15,1| writings, whereby, besides by divine tradition, this error is 32 15,1| And truly the nature of divine justice seems to demand, 33 15,1| Spirit. And it beseems the divine clemency, that sins be not 34 15,1| is the liberality of the divine munificence, that we are 35 15,2| great confidence in the divine mercy; whereby the sick 36 15,3| necessary to salvation, of divine right; or saith, that the 37 15,3| it is not necessary, of divine right, for the remission 38 15,3| to leave nothing to the divine mercy to pardon ; or, finally, 39 15,5| able rightly to perform the divine offices, nor to administer 40 15,5| and able to celebrate the divine offices, or to administer 41 15,5| for the sake of augmenting divine worship, or the number of 42 16,2| thereof; as also, that the divine offices shall not, on account 43 16,2| which, by law human and divine, or by custom, the violators 44 19,3| thereof; as also, that the divine offices shall not, on account 45 19,3| which, by law human and divine, or by custom, the violators 46 22,1| sacrifising, are not bound, of divine right, to communion under 47 22,1| are not obliged, by any divine precept, to receive the 48 22,2| facto, incur, besides the divine punishment, the penalties 49 22,2| who are enrolled in the divine ministry, to beg, or to 50 22,2| order to the performance of divine worship, and the offices 51 22,2| Church; to the end that the divine worship may not in any respect 52 22,2| others who are present at the divine service, according to that 53 22,2| and for the performance of divine worship, the bishops, even 54 22,2| sacraments, and to celebrate the divine worship. As regards those 55 22,2| sacraments, and to hear the divine offices; the bishops may, 56 23,1| And forasmuch as, in this divine sacrifice which is celebrated 57 23,1| raised to the meditation of divine things; therefore has holy 58 23,3| the faithful so holy and divine as this tremendous mystery 59 23,3| are dedicated solely to divine worship, and which are to 60 23,4| dedicated themselves to the divine ministry. For as they are 61 23,4| present and assisted at the divine offices in those cathedral 62 23,4| Whosoever being employed in the divine offices in a cathedral, 63 23,4| required of them in the divine service, under the said 64 24,1| so holy a priesthood is a divine thing; to the end that it 65 24,1| there is not a hierarchy by divine ordination instituted, consisting 66 24,2| souls. ~Whereas it is by divine precept enjoined on all, 67 24,2| by the preaching of the divine word, by the administration 68 24,2| such, that mindful of the divine precepts, and made a pattern 69 24,2| examined by persons versed in divine and human laws. ~The holy 70 24,2| persons, well skilled in the divine law, and of experience in 71 24,2| bishop to celebrate the divine mysteries, and to administer 72 24,2| prejudice however to the divine service, or to those who 73 25,1| under the influence of the divine Spirit, pronounced the bond 74 25,2| is not prohibited by any divine law; let him be anathema. ~ 75 25,4| or the celebration of the divine offices, they explain, in 76 25,4| be obliged to perform the divine offices in person, and not 77 25,4| manner of conducting the divine offices, the proper way 78 25,4| serve for the celebration of divine worship, and be suitable 79 26,4| bound, under pain of the divine indignation, at once to 80 26,4| carefully ; that so the divine worship may be devoutly 81 27 | us; ./. trusting in the Divine Mercy, and aided by the 82 27 | letters, and knowledge of divine and human law; the Legates 83 27 | due should be paid to the divine majesty; forasmuch as the

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