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Council of Trent

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1 1 | business of the council ought not to be entered upon until 2 1 | all, unto whom our letter ought to be individually communicated; 3 3,1| of the council of Toledo--ought either to be boisterous 4 5,2| done gratis, that so what ought to be approved, may be approved, 5 5,2| may be approved, and what ought to be condemned, may be 6 7,1| even as no pious person ought to doubt of the mercy of 7 7,1| how much soever justified, ought to think himself exempt 8 7,1| the commandments; no one ought to make use of that rash 9 7,1| cause, the just themselves ought to feel themselves the more 10 7,1| them. Wherefore, no one ought to flatter himself up with 11 7,1| is in this mortal life, ought so far to presume as regards 12 7,1| or, if he do sin, that he ought to promise himself an assured 13 7,1| absolute certainty; though all ought to place and repose a most 14 7,1| as yet unto glory, they ought to fear for the combat which 15 7,1| we all offend, each one ought to have before his eyes, 16 7,1| goodness (of God); neither ought any one to judge himself, 17 7,1| know not only what they ought to hold and follow, but 18 7,1| love, or be penitent as he ought, so as that the grace of 19 7,1| one saith, that the just ought not, for their good works 20 8,1| this holy Synod thinks ought to be renewed, and doth 21 8,1| holy Synod hath thought ought to be renewed, and doth 22 9,1| therefore they cannot and ought not to be detained therein 23 9,1| the twentyfirst of April ought to be celebrated, and be 24 9,1| the said Council may, and ought to, be brought back to this, 25 10,1| established and promulgated,-ought to be celebrated in this 26 11,2| or custom, or privilege, ought to be present at General 27 14,1| faith, conceive, and we ought most firmly to believe, 28 14,1| Christian, the more diligently ought he to give heed that he 29 14,1| he who would communicate, ought to recall to mind the precept 30 14,1| he may seem to himself, ought to approach to the sacred 31 14,1| an apostolical tradition, ought with justice and reason 32 14,1| the heresies which they ought to guard against and avoid. ~ 33 14,3| strikers, and that they ought so to preside over those 34 14,5| decrees, even though they ought to be expressed specifically 35 15,1| penitents, the punishment which ought to be inflicted, on account 36 15,1| and therefore the penitent ought not so to confide in his 37 15,1| deligated jurisdiction, ought to be of no weight whatever. 38 15,1| the priests of the Lord ought, as far as the Spirit and 39 15,2| whole Christian life, which ought to be a perpetual penance. 40 15,2| and on the time when it ought to be administered. ~And 41 15,2| now as to prescribing who ought to receive, and who to administer 42 15,5| prelates of the churches, who ought diligently to apply themselves 43 15,5| said bishop, they may, and ought to be, compelled thereunto, 44 15,5| of right, a dispensation ought to be granted, even for 45 15,5| Secular dignity, can, or ought to, obtain, or acquire a 46 17,2| free access to all, who ought to be made acquainted with 47 19,1| carefully consider what ought to be done in the matter 48 22,1| of the faithful of Christ ought to receive both species 49 22,2| the ecclesiastical order ought to be free from every suspicion 50 22,2| the bishop shall consider ought to be received, in consideration 51 22,2| Whereas, also, very great care ought to be taken, lest those 52 22,2| which the faithful of Christ ought not on this account to be 53 23,1| since those masses also ought to be considered as truly 54 23,2| who receives; and that it ought not to be offered for the 55 23,2| condemned; or, that the mass ought to be celebrated in the 56 23,2| tongue only; or, that water ought not to be mixed with the 57 23,4| Lord for their portion, ought by all means so to regulate 58 23,4| wit, that, if those who ought to receive them should fail, 59 23,4| wills,--which alterations ought not to be made except for 60 23,4| other pious places, which ought to be employed for the necessities 61 24,1| and outward signs, no one ought to doubt that Order is truly 62 24,2| continuous or interrupted, ought not by any means to exceed 63 24,2| days especially the sheep ought to be refreshed, and to 64 24,2| How, and by whom, each ought to be ordained. ~Ordinations 65 24,2| church. ~Whereas no one ought to be ordained, who, in 66 25,3| though immemorial, which ought rather to be called a corruption, 67 25,3| of that parish priest who ought to have been present at 68 25,3| from whom the benediction ought to have been received. ~ 69 25,4| nothing unseemly; much more ought we to strive that no error 70 25,4| who, by right or custom, ought to be present thereat, shall 71 25,4| manner of persons those ought to be who are to be promoted 72 25,4| holily provided that no one ought to be enrolled in two churches. 73 25,4| nominated to Parochial Churches ought to be examined. ~It is most 74 25,4| are any particulars which ought to be added to, or retrenched 75 26,3| bishop, or the Superior ought to grant this permission 76 26,3| that all the aforesaid ought to be chosen by secret voting, 77 26,3| singular those things which ought to be done before profession, 78 26,4| who, of right or custom, ought to be present at the provincial 79 26,4| In what manner the Bishop ought to act in regard of the 80 26,9| Fathers to consider what ought to be done touching various

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