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laudably 4
lavellinus 1
laver 4
law 80
lawful 64
lawfully 41
lawrence 1
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81 way
80 contrary
80 iii
80 law
80 ought
79 ghost
79 trent

Council of Trent

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1 1 | the other pains, which, by law or custom, are usually passed 2 5,2| punished with the penalties by law established. ~And wishing, 3 5,2| restrained by the penalties of law, and others of their own 4 6,2| privileges accorded by common law, as regards the reception 5 6,2| to the appointment of the law, or the custom of the place, 6 7,1| Inability of Nature and of the Law to justify man. ~The holy 7 7,1| very letter itself of the law of Moses, were able to be 8 7,1| had been, both before the Law, and during the time of 9 7,1| and during the time of the Law, to many of the holy fathers 10 7,1| Jews who were under the Law, and that the Gentiles, 11 7,1| Manner thereof under the law of grace. ~By which words, 12 7,1| the doctrine of the divine law, which excludes from the 13 7,1| fully satisfied the divine law according to the state of 14 7,1| human nature, or that of the law, without the grace of God 15 7,2| penalties of the ancient law are renewed against them, 16 7,2| personal residence whether by law or custom, shall be compelled, 17 8,1| the sacraments of the New Law were not all instituted 18 8,1| said sacraments of the New Law do not differ from the sacramnets 19 8,1| the sacramnets of the Old Law, save that the ceremonies 20 8,1| the sacraments of the New Law are not necessary unto salvation, 21 8,1| the sacraments of the New Law do not contain the grace 22 8,1| said sacraments of the New Law grace is not conferred through 23 8,1| observance of the whole law of Christ; let him be anathema. ~ 24 8,1| within the time prescribed by law, and any delays granted, 25 8,1| whether by ordinance of common law, or by virtue of any privilege 26 8,1| except in the cases by law provided. ~CHAPTER XIII. ~ 27 8,1| and compelled by course of law to pay what they owe; no 28 13 | seven sacraments of the New Law in general, and on baptism 29 14,3| days' journey as settled by law, or if it be from him that 30 14,3| the due execution of the law would be retarded; whilst, 31 14,3| recommended by their knowledge of law. ~CHAPTER V. ~The bishop 32 15,1| prudent to enjoin by any human law, that sins, especially such 33 15,2| properly a sacrament of the new law, insinuated indeed in Mark, 34 15,5| sanctuaries, and despise the law. But, in order that the 35 15,5| evasion and in contempt of the law, of their own rashness choose 36 15,5| proved by ordinary process of law, nor be otherwise public, 37 16,2| those penalties, which, by law human and divine, or by 38 17,2| and others who, by common law, or by privilege, or ancient 39 19,3| those penalties, which, by law human and divine, or by 40 22,1| that it was to be held as a law; which it is not lawful 41 22,2| punishment, the penalties by law inflicted. ~CHAPTER II. ~ 42 22,2| to the provision of the law, and of the sacred canons. ~ 43 22,2| unions, in the cases by law permitted. ~In order, also, 44 22,2| may, according to form of law, make unions in perpetuity-- 45 22,2| and in the other cases by law permitted; even though the 46 23,1| period of nature, and of the law; in as much as it comprises 47 23,4| sacred theology, or in canon law; or shall be declared, by 48 23,4| shall, in the cases by law permitted, be the executors 49 24,1| the Priesthood of the New Law. ~Sacrifice and priesthood 50 24,1| both have existed in every law. ./. Whereas, therefore, 51 24,2| well skilled in the divine law, and of experience in the 52 24,2| at the time appointed by law, and in the cathedral churches, 53 24,2| licentiates in divinity, or canon law, or on other competent persons, 54 25,1| matrimony, in the evangelical law, excels in grace, through 55 25,1| the sacraments of the new law; against which, impious 56 25,2| sacraments of the evangelic law, (a sacrament) instituted 57 25,2| prohibited by any divine law; let him be anathema. ~CANON 58 25,2| notwithstanding the ecclesiastical law, or vow; and that the contrary 59 25,4| qualifications required by law, and by this holy Synod, 60 25,4| Scriptures and the devine law, or if lawfully hindered, 61 25,4| to instruct them in the law of the Lord. ~CHAPTER VIII. ~ 62 25,4| in theology, or in canon law, and forty years of age, 63 25,4| or licentiates in canon law. But, to the other dignities 64 25,4| within the time prescribed by law and by this holy Synod. 65 25,4| licentiates in theology, or canon law. Furthermore, it shall not 66 25,4| or a licentiate, of canon law, or otherwise as competent 67 25,4| in theology, or in canon law, or such other clerics, 68 25,4| those cases allowed of by law, or lodge a complaint touching 69 26,3| except in the cases by law expressed, compel a woman 70 26,3| the cases provided for by law,--to enter a convent against 71 26,4| benefices, and other remedies at law. But if the execution cannot 72 26,4| null, and of no effect in law. Nevertheless, in crimes 73 26,4| qualifications which, by law, and by the decrees of this 74 26,4| censures, and other remedies at law, but may also even be deprived 75 26,4| other (proofs) required by law; or, also, by repeated presentations 76 26,4| otherwise, according as the law directs. But as regards 77 26,4| which they are bound in law, to the cathedral church, 78 26,4| at times the restraint of law, thereby more completely 79 26,4| dispense too often with the law, and to yield to petitioners 80 27 | knowledge of divine and human law; the Legates of the Apostolic

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