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Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | overwhelmed; but we too, as men compassed with infirmity, 2 1 | mind that our predecessors, men endowed with admirable wisdom 3 1 | three Legates a latere,--men of the greatest virtue and 4 1 | commission, as their ambassadors, men of weight, who may each 5 3,1| high stations, and for all men, that we may lead a quiet 6 4,1| things were made: who for us men, and for our salvation, 7 4,2| estimation and honour with all men, as it shall have been sanctioned 8 5,2| like purposes; that all men of this description, profaners 9 6,1| so death passed upon all men, in whom all have sinned. ~ 10 6,1| name under heaven given to men, whereby we must be saved. 11 6,1| so death passed upon all men in whom all have sinned, 12 6,2| liberality delivered unto men, may not lie neglected, 13 7,1| confess, that, whereas all men had lost their innocence 14 7,1| time was come, sent unto men, Jesus Christ, His own Son-who 15 7,1| to justice, and that all men might receive the adoption 16 7,1| communicated. For as in truth men, if they were not born propagated 17 7,1| during this mortal life, men, how holy and just soever, 18 7,1| s help. For God, unless men be themselves wanting to 19 7,1| the subtle wits of certain men, who, by pleasing speeches 20 7,1| nature of that merit. ~Before men, therefore, who have been 21 7,1| whose bounty towards all men is so great, that He will 22 7,1| If any one saith, that men are just without the justice 23 7,1| If any one saith, that men are justified, either by 24 7,1| Jesus was given of God to men, as a redeemer in whom to 25 7,2| disorders of the times and of men, well nigh fallen into desuetude; 26 8,1| without the desire thereof, men obtain of God, through faith 27 8,1| are distinguished amongst men from unbelievers; let him 28 8,1| sacraments, always, and to all men, even though they receive 29 8,1| is so to be recalled unto men, as that they are to understand, 30 13 | bring back the hearts of men to the acknowledgment of 31 14,1| certain contentions and wicked men, to fictitious and imaginary 32 14,1| inventions devised by impious men; she recognising, with a 33 15,1| grace and justice, for all men who had defiled themselves 34 15,1| those of thought, render men children of wrath, and enemies 35 15,1| have been invented by idle men; or, that one circumstance 36 15,1| chastisement of the Lord, than that men should, with true sorrow 37 15,1| made partakers of other men 's sins. But let them have 38 15,3| of God, but traditions of men, which obscure the doctrine 39 16,2| following,- certifies to all men,- that by the ten our of 40 17,2| prudent, grave, and pious men as their ambassadors, to 41 17,2| by and made known to all men: and when removed thence, 42 19,1| BOOKS; AND FOR INVITING ALL MEN ON THE PUBLIC FAITH TO THE 43 19,3| therein,--certifies to all men, that, by the tenour of 44 20,1| and It notifies to all men, that, on the said day, 45 21,1| which It notifies to all men for the sixteenth day of 46 22,2| pass from the memory of men; the bishops, even as the 47 22,2| whatsoever; that so all men may at length truly understand, 48 23,3| carelessness and Corruption of men, many things seem already 49 24,1| following; in order that all men, with the help of Christ, 50 24,1| human figment devised by men unskilled in ecclesiastical 51 24,2| the minds and ears of all men, that so, with God's help, 52 24,2| time, the forgetfulness of men, or by desuetude. ~CHAPTER 53 25,1| against which, impious men of this age raging, have 54 25,1| meet the rashness of these men, has thought it proper, 55 25,2| it has been invented by men in the Church; and that 56 25,3| grievous sin for unmarried men to have concubines; but 57 25,3| great sacrament, for married men also to live in this state 58 25,3| ill-usage, they compel both men and women, who live under 59 25,4| testimony of good and learned men on the subject of the aforesaid 60 26,2| their own prayers to God for men; that it is good and useful 61 26,2| that they do not pray for men; or, that the invocation 62 26,2| one mediator of God and men, Christ Jesus; or, that 63 26,2| benefits are bestowed by God on men; so that they who affirm 64 26,2| theologians, and of other pious men, act therein as he shall 65 26,3| that all Regulars, as well men, as women, shall order and 66 26,3| monasteries and houses, both of men and women, and of mendicants, 67 26,3| amid houses, as well of men as of women, whether they 68 26,3| and other crimes of wicked men, the bishops and other Superiors 69 26,3| monasteries, or houses whether of men, or of women, which are 70 26,3| the profession, whether of men or women, be made before 71 26,3| be any Regulars, whether men or women, who are living 72 26,4| themselves the eyes of all men. ~CHAPTER II. ~By whom individually 73 26,4| Wherefore, be it known to all men, that the most sacred canons 74 26,4| exactly observed by all men. And for this cause It admonishes 75 27 | clearer information of all men, We do, by the tenour of 76 27 | apostolic authority, forbid all men, as well ecclesiastics, 77 27 | to the knowledge of all men, and that no one may use 78 27 | to the knowledge of all men. And when removed thence,

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