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postponing 1
poured 4
poverty 7
power 75
powerful 1
powers 5
practice 1
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76 according
76 first
76 through
75 power
74 out
74 therein
72 however

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | their valour, authority, and power, offered in a special manner 2 1 | had bestowed on them their power, if they neglected to do 3 1 | councils fail in, the divine power accomplishes. Wherefore, 4 1 | right or privilege, the power has been granted of sitting 5 4,1| and in the might of his power, in all things taking the 6 6,1| death, captivity under his power who thenceforth had the 7 7,1| servants of sin, and under the power of the devil and of death, 8 7,1| hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated 9 7,1| that it is not in man's power to make his ways evil, but 10 7,1| as being, by the divine power, predestined unto evil; 11 8,1| that all Christians have power to administer the word, 12 8,3| therefrom, full and unrestrained power and faculty, to transfer 13 14,1| sacraments have then first the power of sanctifying when one 14 14,3| menace; charity more than power. But if, on account of the 15 14,3| whatsoever means lie in their power,-the fear which annoyance 16 14,5| and shall have it in their power in all liberty to confer, 17 15,1| servitude of sin and the power of the devil, --the sacrament 18 15,1| ever understood, that the power of forgiving and retaining 19 15,1| obstinately denied that power of forgiving. Wherefore, 20 15,1| wrest those words to the power of preaching the word of 21 15,1| in accordance with the power of the keys, they may pronounce 22 15,1| as that every one has the power of forgiving sins,-public 23 15,1| erroneous who contend that this power exists not in bad priests. 24 15,1| in virtue of the supreme power delivered to them in the 25 15,1| of death, priests have no power in reserved cases, let this 26 15,1| godliness, but have denied the power thereof,--the holy Synod 27 15,3| to be understood of the power of forgiving and of retaining 28 15,3| this sacra ment, to the power of preaching the gospel; 29 15,3| mortal sin, have not the power of binding and of loosing; 30 15,5| own churches,--shall have power, as delegates for this end 31 15,5| may have by privilege the power of punishing the subjects 32 16,2| make use of, any authority, power, right, or statute, privilege 33 17,1| to have its full force, power and authority. But if, which 34 19,3| make use of, any authority, power, right, or statute, privilege 35 22,1| 59.) ~CHAPTER II. ~The power of the Church as regards 36 22,1| furthermore declares, that this power has ever been in the Church, 37 22,1| he himself exercised this power,- as in many other things, 38 22,2| wickedness, they shall have power to deprive them of their 39 22,2| neighbouring churches, with power to convert both the said 40 22,2| the Chapter; to whom also power is given to gather faithfully 41 23,1| and delivered us from the power of darkness, and translated 42 23,3| places, as that, by the power given them by this sacred 43 23,4| Apostolic See, shall have power to divide the third part 44 24,1| the priesthood, was the power delivered of consecrating, 45 24,1| the spirit of fear, but of power and of love of sobriety. ~ 46 24,1| Testament have only a temporary power; and that those who have 47 24,1| with an equal spiritual power, he clearly does nothing 48 24,1| an inferior order have no power. Furthermore, the sacred 49 24,1| people, or of any civil power or magistrate whatsoever, 50 24,1| people, or by the civil power and magistrate, ascend to 51 24,1| or that there is not any power of consecrating and offering 52 24,1| that they have not the power of confirming and ordaining; 53 24,1| ordaining; or, that the power which they possess is common 54 24,1| people, or of the secular power, are invalid; or, that those 55 24,1| ecclesiastical and canonical power, but come from elsewhere, 56 24,2| wills, that it be in the power of the Ordinaries to constrain 57 24,2| in their ordination the power of absolving from sins; 58 24,2| the country, shall have power, regard being had to the 59 25,3| she shall remain in the power of the abducer. But if she 60 25,4| lawfully to exercise (the power of) visitation in certain 61 25,4| manners, have the right and power, even as delegates of the 62 25,4| the Chapter, shall have power to provide herein as may 63 25,4| the Apostolic See, having power to take cognizance of any 64 25,4| church that is exempted, have power to appoint a competent steward 65 25,4| whatsoever; and shall have power to punish those who have 66 25,4| Synod, which shall have power to punish them severely, 67 25,5| December next, with the power also of abridging that term. 68 26,3| observance, except as to the power of possessing real property 69 26,4| things, the jurisdiction and power of the Chapter, if any there 70 26,4| right whatsoever, have a power, authority, and jurisdiction 71 26,4| temporal goods, and with power over others, the more religiously 72 26,7| INDULGENCES.~Whereas the power of conferring Indulgences 73 26,7| ancient times, used the said power, delivered unto her of God; 74 26,7| there is in the Church the power of granting them. In granting 75 27 | with whatsoever honor and power invested ; prelates, to

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