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Council of Trent

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1 6,1| DECREE CONCERNING ORIGINAL SIN ~That our Catholic faith, 2 6,1| dissensions touching original sin, and the remedy thereof; 3 6,1| touching the said original sin: ~1. If any one does not 4 6,1| he, being defiled by the sin of disobedience, has only 5 6,1| whole human race, but not sin also, which is the death 6 6,1| apostle who says; By one man sin entered into the world, 7 6,1| entered into the world, and by sin death, and so death passed 8 6,1| any one asserts, that this sin of Adam,--which in its origin 9 6,1| derive nothing of original sin from Adam, which has need 10 6,1| apostle has said, By one man sin entered into the world, 11 6,1| entered into the world, and by sin death, and so death passed 12 6,1| could not as yet commit any sin of themselves, are for this 13 6,1| baptism, the guilt of original sin is remitted; or even asserts 14 6,1| true and proper nature of sin is not taken away; but says 15 6,1| concupiscence, or an incentive (to sin); which, whereas it is left 16 6,1| apostle sometimes calls sin, the holy Synod declares 17 6,1| understood it to be called sin, as being truly and properly 18 6,1| being truly and properly sin in those born again, but 19 6,1| again, but because it is of sin, and inclines to sin. ~This 20 6,1| of sin, and inclines to sin. ~This same holy Synod doth 21 6,1| this decree, where original sin is treated of, the blessed 22 7,1| in the decree on original sin,-they were so far the servants 23 7,1| were so far the servants of sin, and under the power of 24 7,1| of the Lord driveth out sin; and, Do penance, and be 25 7,1| those things, you shall not sin at any time. From which 26 7,1| who state, that the just sin in all their works, if, 27 7,1| justified, either cannot sin any more, or, if he do sin, 28 7,1| sin any more, or, if he do sin, that he ought to promise 29 7,1| As regards those who, by sin, have fallen from the received 30 7,1| That, by every mortal sin, grace is lost, but not 31 7,1| also by any other mortal sin whatever, though faith be 32 7,1| saith, that, since Adam's sin, the free will of man is 33 7,1| refrain from sinning,-is a sin, or makes sinners worse; 34 7,1| a man once justified can sin no more, nor lose grace, 35 7,1| that there is no mortal sin but that of infidelity; 36 7,1| is not lost by any other sin, however grievous and enormous, 37 7,1| grace being lost through sin, faith also is always lost 38 8,1| minister, being in mortal sin,-if so be that he observe 39 8,1| be contemned, or without sin be omitted at pleasure by 40 8,1| would, lose grace, let him sin ever so much, unless he 41 14,1| conscious to himself of mortal sin, how contrite soever he 42 14,2| is burthened with mortal sin, how contrite even soever 43 14,3| however, should they happen to sin in any manner through human 44 14,3| cognizance of graces whereby a sin, or a punishment, is remitted. ~ 45 15,1| themselves up to the servitude of sin and the power of the devil, -- 46 15,1| themselves by any mortal sin, even for those who begged 47 15,1| might, with a hatred of sin and a godly sorrow of mind, 48 15,1| mind, and a detestation for sin committed, with the purpose 49 15,1| not only a cessation from sin, and the purpose and the 50 15,1| consideration of the turpitude of sin, or from the fear of hell 51 15,1| it exclude the wish to sin, it not only does not make 52 15,1| change the species of the sin are also to be explained 53 15,1| priests, who are in mortal sin, exercise, through the virtue 54 15,1| freed from the servitude of sin and of the devil, and after 55 15,1| punishments greatly recall from sin, and check as it were with 56 15,1| remedies for the remains of sin, and, by acts of the opposite 57 15,1| ourselves for the punishment of sin, or by those imposed at 58 15,2| Extreme Unction may without sin be contemned by the faithful : 59 15,2| sacrament without a heinous sin, and an injury to the Holy 60 15,3| often as they fall into sin after baptism; let him be 61 15,3| upon being convinced of sin, and the faith, generated 62 15,3| change the species of a sin; but (saith) that such confession 63 15,3| priests, who are in mortal sin, have not the power of binding 64 15,4| confer grace, nor remit sin, nor comfort(h) the sick; 65 15,4| changed, and may, without sin, be contemned by Christians; 66 24,2| and the guilt of mortal sin which such an one incurs, 67 25,3| live on, not without great sin, or they are dissolved, 68 25,3| punished. ~It is a grievous sin for unmarried men to have 69 25,3| but it is a most grievous sin, and one committed in special 70 25,4| a church; and that they sin mortally, becoming partakers 71 25,4| admonishes that those who sin publicly are to be reproved

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