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Council of Trent

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1 7,1| holy Synod to subjoin these canons, that all may know not only 2 7,2| doth renew, the ancient canons promulgated against non-residents, 3 7,2| against non-residents, which (canons) have, through the disorders 4 7,2| severer censure of the sacred canons, be obliged to denounce 5 7,2| with the ordinances of the canons, by the Ordinary of the 6 7,2| with the ordinances of the canons, visited, corrected, and 7 8,1| thought fit that these present canons be established and decreed; 8 8,1| publish later the remaining canons which are wanting for the 9 8,1| institutes of the sacred canons, to accept and to hold at 10 8,1| Benefices contrary to the Canons, shall be deprived thereof. ~ 11 8,1| appointment of the sacred Canons, and especially of the Constitution 12 10,1| twenty-first day of April, that Canons touching the matters of 13 14,1| holy Synod to subjoin these canons, that all, -the Catholic 14 14,3| statutes of the ancient canons shall remain untouched. ~ 15 14,3| bishops is, according to the Canons, required; and whereas, 16 14,3| number, is required by the Canons; taking, however, to himself, 17 15,2| it delivers the following canons to be inviolably preserved; 18 15,5| has thought fit that these canons following be established 19 15,5| the appointments of the canons,--provided those prelates 20 16,2| statute, privilege of laws or canons, or of any Councils whatsoever, 21 17,2| appointed by the sacred canons against those who neglect 22 19,3| statute, privilege of laws or canons, or of any Councils whatsoever, 23 22,2| penalties of the ancient canons. ~CHAPTER III. ~A method 24 22,2| the law, and of the sacred canons. ~CHAPTER IV. ~In what case 25 22,2| constitutions of the sacred canons, setting aside every exemption 26 23,1| Remark on the following Canons. ~And because that many 27 23,1| Church, by means of the canons subjoined, whatsoever is 28 23,4| Session. ~CHAPTER I. ~The Canons relative to the life, and 29 23,4| as required by the sacred canons, but shall also have been 30 23,4| constitution of the sacred canons. But if any of the aforesaid 31 23,4| ordinances of the sacred canons,--of all things that have 32 24,1| in express and specific canons, in the manner following; 33 24,2| penalties adjudged by the canons. Meanwhile let those about 34 24,2| the sense of the ancient canons, not supposed to be absent, 35 24,2| the traces of the ancient canons, ordains, that when a bishop 36 24,2| in the presence of the canons of that church, who are 37 24,2| accordance with the sacred canons; and that they may not be 38 24,2| senior and most experienced canons chosen by himself-as the 39 25,3| appointments of the sacred canons, one person only, whether 40 25,4| are required by the sacred canons, and by the decrees of this 41 25,4| allowed of by the sacred canons. Therefore, the metropolitans 42 25,4| penalties enacted by the sacred canons. ~CHAPTER III. ~In what 43 25,4| of the present times, the canons elsewhere set forth on this 44 25,4| with the enactments of the canons, those things which, in 45 25,4| stitutions of the sacred canons. As regards the distributions; 46 25,4| assisted by not less than two canons, one of whom shall be chosen 47 25,4| simoniacs by the sacred canons, and divers constitutions 48 25,4| maintenance of the rank of the canons, according to the character 49 25,4| offices of several, the sacred canons have holily provided that 50 25,4| the appointments of the canons, are to be tried before 51 25,4| established by the sacred canons, or by the form of general 52 26,3| been decreed in the sacred canons, and in this sacred Council. 53 26,3| other Regular monks, or canons of whatsoever kind : any 54 26,4| church: seeing that even the canons of the Apostles forbid them 55 26,4| condemned by the sacred canons and general councils, and 56 26,4| to the form of the sacred canons. Moreover, all those to 57 26,4| diligently take care that the canons and decrees of this holy 58 26,4| propose anything to the canons to be deliberated on, and 59 26,4| contrary to the decrees of the canons, the said right of patronage, 60 26,4| to the ordinances of the canons. ~CHAPTER XII. ~Tithes to 61 26,4| penalties imposed by the sacred canons, or by the statutes of the ( 62 26,4| conformably with the sacred canons. ~Bishops also, if, which 63 26,4| of the ordinances of the canons; nor shall the collations 64 26,4| renewing all the sacred canons, the General Councils, and 65 26,4| reverence. ~CHAPTER XVIII. ~The Canons shall be exactly observed: 66 26,4| men, that the most sacred canons are to be exactly observed 67 26,4| according to the sacred canons; and if they have perished 68 26,4| the appointments of the canons has been established; but ( 69 26,4| enjoins, that the sacred canons, and all the General Councils, 70 27 | penalties by the sacred canons appointed, and others more

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