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accorded 2
according 76
accordingly 6
account 70
accounted 17
accounts 4
accrue 3
Frequency    [«  »]
72 however
72 year
71 sin
70 account
70 against
70 canons
70 fathers

Council of Trent

IntraText - Concordances


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1 1 | Christians, a bitter and severe account would they have to render 2 1 | all of which could not, on account of the shortness of the 3 1 | is principally on their account, and at their instance, 4 6,2| which they may not on any account preach in the said churches 5 7,1| they can refrain, and on account of which they are separated 6 7,2| service of God, taking into account the character of the places 7 8,1| spiritual and indelible Sign, on account of which they cannot be 8 8,1| for baptism, and, on that account, wrests, to some sort of 9 8,1| near adolescence gave an account of their faith in the face 10 8,3| merits unequal thereunto, account it a part of our office 11 11,1| reasons, and especially on account of the absence of some of 12 11,2| if we shall be unable, on account of our age, state of health, 13 13 | hitherto delayed to proceed, on account of the absence of the illustrious 14 13 | principally concerned,-and on account of the assemblage of the 15 14,1| divinity, furthermore, on account of the admirable hypostatical 16 14,1| less to be adored on this account, that it was instituted 17 14,3| more than power. But if, on account of the grievousness of the 18 14,3| what manner clerics are, on account of grievous crimes, to be 19 14,3| ecclesiastics, that, on account of the atrocity thereof, 20 14,3| causes of bishops, when, on account of the quality of the crime 21 14,4| sacrifice of the mass, on account of the close connexion between 22 15,1| certain kind of necessity, on account of the affinity of the subjects, 23 15,1| ought to be inflicted, on account of them. Whence it is unreasonable 24 15,1| God's sight absolved, on account of his faith alone. For 25 15,1| lest any may perish on this account, it has always been very 26 15,2| Wherefore, they are on no account to be hearkened to, who, 27 15,5| whatsoever cause, be it even on account of some secret crime, or 28 15,5| that, making but little account of their own dignity, and 29 16,2| divine offices shall not, on account of their presence, be in 30 19,3| divine offices shall not, on account of their presence, be in 31 22,1| when he says; Let a man so account of us, as of the ministers 32 22,1| adhered to, as that on no account is the use of the chalice 33 22,2| those churches, to which, on account of the distance, or the 34 22,2| with (other) cures, on account of the poverty of those 35 22,2| provision whatever, not even on account of any resignation, or derogation, 36 22,2| Christ ought not on this account to be deprived, It decrees, 37 23,4| give in, once a year, an account of their administration 38 23,4| regulation of the place, their account has to be rendered to others 39 23,5| adhered to, as that on no account is the use of the chalice 40 24,2| own diocese, they on no account be absent from their own 41 24,2| they happen to be absent on account of their studies; and may 42 24,2| not merely on their own account, but also on account of 43 24,2| own account, but also on account of whatsoever pensions they 44 24,2| which they have to pay on account of those pensions: notwithstanding 45 25,2| If any one saith, that on account of heresy, or irksome cohabitation, 46 25,2| matrimony cannot be dissolved on account of the adultery of one of 47 25,3| and whereas it takes into account the grievous sins which 48 25,4| superior churches, yet doth it account this office to be of such 49 25,4| understanding however that, on account of parochial, or other Secular 50 25,4| they shall not be able on account of its extent, to make the 51 25,4| bound to give the bishop an account, within a month, of the 52 25,4| for the visitation, or, on account of wills made for pious 53 25,4| it may be expedient, on account of their small extent, and 54 25,4| for those bishops who, on account of the poverty of their 55 25,4| shall afterwards give an account to him whom it may regard. 56 25,4| to the Chapter itself,-an account of those things which concern 57 25,4| also be bound to render an account to the said bishop of any 58 25,4| either before or after, on account of this examination; otherwise, 59 25,4| shall be bound to render an account, not only to God, but also, 60 25,4| aforesaid, to a judge, on account of two years having elapsed, 61 26,2| believed to be in them, on account of which they are to be 62 26,3| unable to leave on this account,--that the monastery is 63 26,4| causing a revelation, or on account of things that have been 64 26,4| then, otherwise than on account of some circumstance of 65 26,4| required to be celebrated on account of various legacies from 66 26,4| legitimately established on account of some most evident necessity 67 26,4| speedily. ~Forasmuch as on account of the malicious suggestions 68 26,4| yield to petitioners on account of precedent, rather than 69 27 | celebrated, could not, on account of various impediments and 70 27 | to stand in need on that account of an interpretation or

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